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HELGARDH – Mallevs Maleficarvm

From the instrumental opening to the grandiose finish this record has enough variation to satisfy any demon following these fractured…

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The blood of the eel is poisonous to humans just as the music of Kommandant can be fatal to your…

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SATANIC – Architecture of Chaos

A guitar driven pummeling with enough venom to please even the most bloodthirsty fan.  This frenzied onslaught oozes the unpredictability…

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ADVENT SORROW – “Pestilence Shall Come”

The video for “Pestilence Shall Come” is a clever cobweb of bleakness and violence. There’s something about this time of…

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Advent Sorrow

Country of Origin: Australia Formed In: 2009 Genre: Black Metal, Depressive Black Metal, Symphonic Black Metal Last Known Label: Unsigned…

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