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PRONG – “Blood Out Of Stone”

The strength of Prong has always been the lyrics and I can think of no better way of capitalizing on…

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PRONG – “Forced Into Tolerance”

As a result it’s hard to pick a song for a video because you don’t want to alienate one fan…

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PRONG – Zero Days

Zero Days has something for everyone, a spry conglomeration of punk, thrash and metal. The album’s sequencing is superb, reinforcing…

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WOLFBRIGADE – Run With The Hunted

The riffs are true carnage. I can close my eyes and imagine those mosh pits erupting, a wild pack of…

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Black Dreams

Country of Origin: Finland Formed In: 2015 Genre: Doom Metal, Gothic Rock, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal Last Known Label: Inverse…

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Killing Joke

Country of Origin: United Kingdom Formed In: 1979 Genre: Gothic Rock, Industrial Metal Last Known Label: Spinefarm Records Website: https://killingjoke.com/ Social Media: “Adorations”   “Sanity”…

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VOIVOD’s Michel ‘Away’ Langevin: “We Have A Very Loyal Following, That’s Why We Are Still Here 30 Years Later.”

It’s been impressive in terms of the respect we get from the journalists, the musicians, the fans that’s quite an…

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