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STRIKER’s Tim Brown Talks Independence, Touring And Music Videos.

“Yes, totally, we’re lucky. I can’t think of many independent metal bands that are actually out touring.  We’re kind of…

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CONTORSION – United Zombie Nations

If you like thrashing speedy riffs that are as maliciously rabid as a half-starved zombie driving a Maserati this is…

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WARBRINGER – Woe To The Vanquished

The Warbringer machine is firing some heavy caliber weaponry with sights set on thrash destruction! A solider is steadfast in…

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WARBRINGER – “Remain Violent”

The riotous visuals are stirring and fit perfectly with the bands ultra-aggressive style. I often equate the band Warbringer to…

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HAVOK’s David Sanchez And Reece Scruggs Talk Upcoming European Tour, Conformacide And The Big Four.

“It’s no different than pro wrestling where a pro legend gets under a smaller guy eventually in ten years time…

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HAVOK, EXMORTUS @ Reggie’s, Chicago, IL (USA) – 2/8/17

I’ve seen thrash bands fill up Reggies before but those bands are established acts that have been touring for decades….

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WARBRINGER – “Silhouettes”

These visuals depict the highest level of mass destruction with mushroom clouds preceding high velocity terror. Perseverance is a word…

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WARBRINGER’s John Kevill Talks Touring, New Album, That Metal Show & Lemmy

“Just do the right thing, don’t marginalize all new metal bands in favor of the shit you remember when you…

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WARBRINGER’s John Kevill Talks Backstage Rituals, Touring And Thrash Metal

“It’s a legitimate style that delivers something no other style can. I don’t think it will ever be obsolete as…

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