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WORMWITCH – Heaven That Dwells Within

As calculating as it is unforgiving, this onslaught has a persona and pacing all to its own. If extreme music…

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SIRENIA – “Seven Widows Weep”

This is my first exposure to the group and after experiencing this offering it’s easy to see why they’ve been…

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PIG’S BLOOD – (Self-Titled)

Like a rusty straight razor cutting a filthy swine, this music emulates an auditory bloodlust. Whenever I think about pig’s blood,…

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Something was wrong here, very wrong. Hundreds of ideas exploded in Frank’s head simultaneously: Did the trunk hold a doorway…

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Country of Origin: Canada Formed In: 2015 Genre: Black Metal, Blackened Death Metal, Death Metal Last Known Label: Prosthetic Records…

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Country of Origin: Italy Formed In: 1992 Genre: Gothic Metal, Melodic Black Metal Last Known Label: AFM Records Website: http://www.graveworm.de/ Social…

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