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OCEANS OF SLUMBER – “Strange Fruit”

Intricately laced with modern elements, this performance offering is powerfully hypnotic. A meaningful tale told in a memorable way. Oceans…

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VOIVOD – “The End Of Dormancy”

A yellow ectoplasmic goo reminiscent of  Ghostbusters appears front and center. We wonder if this toxic fungus will interact with Voivod’s…

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PYOGENESIS – A Silent Soul Screams Loud

Once considered a pioneer of the Gothic metal scene, the act has recently delved into the realm of extreme experimentation….

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METAL CHURCH’S Steve Unger Talks MegaCruise, Sin Circus, Touring In Multiple Bands, Life On The Road and Doro Pesch.

“What counts is what resonates with the people, what fans like. If I can identify with what you’re playing, it…

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SIN CIRCUS – “Light Years Away”

The video itself seems like the offspring of Pink Floyd and Alice In Chains but deeper than either along with…

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SIN CIRCUS Talks New Studio Album, New Video, Touring, The Songwriting Process, Influences and Legacy.

“I don’t think you’ve got to keep those interesting, it kind of happens. When you’re out there, there is no…

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Oceans Of Slumber

Country of Origin: United States Formed In: 2011 Genre: Heavy Metal, Progressive Metal Last Known Label: Century Media Records Website: https://oceansofslumber.com/home…

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Country of Origin: Germany Formed In: 1991 Genre: Alternative Metal, Gothic Metal, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Melodic Death Metal Last…

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