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KILL RITUAL – The Opaque And The Divine

Fates Warning meets Dark Angel with vocals right at home on Painkiller and enough riffs to make even a Mercyful…

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BLOODBOUND – Rise Of The Dragon Empire

Rise of the Dragon Empire is old school power metal at its finest, an uplift trek through Middle Earth. It’s…

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BURNING WITCHES – “Hexenhammer”

A performance trek packed with enough visuals to stir the blood of any necromancer. The witch hunts of Europe and…

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Country of Origin: International Formed In: 2018 Genre: Power Metal Last Know Label: Napalm Records Website: www.warkings.rocks Social Media: https://facebook.com/warkingsmetal/…

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Country of Origin: Sweden Formed In: 2004 Genre: Heavy Metal, Power Metal Last Known Label: AFM Records Website: www.bloodbound.se Social Media: https://www.facebook.com/bloodboundmetal/…

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Burning Witches

Country of Origin: Switzerland Formed In: 2015 Genre: Heavy Metal, Power Metal Last Known Label: Nuclear Blast Website: Social Media: https://www.facebook.com/burningwitches666/…

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Country of Origin: United Kingdom Formed In: 2001 Genre: Power Metal Last Known Label: earMusic Website: http://www.dragonforce.com SocialMedia: “The Game” “Three…

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Country of Origin: Sweden Formed In: 1999 Genre: Power Metal Last Known Label: Nuclear Blast Records Website: http://www.sabaton.net Social Media: https://www.facebook.com/sabaton/ “Bismarck” “Primo Victoria”…

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Country of Origin: Croatia Formed In: 2012 Genre: Heavy Metal, Power Metal Last Known Label: Unsigned/Independent Website: Social Media: https://www.facebook.com/sagecroatiaofficial “Man Of Sorrow” “Rivers…

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