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U.D.O. – We Are One

The incorporation of orchestra elements works for Udo. His raspy voice is a great accommodation to this style of music….

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SINERGY – “Midnight Madness”

There are no flashy special effects, no elaborate costumes to tell the story. Kim and crew let the music do…

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A Coverdale Deep Purple classic, “Burn” is a performance video with enough bells and whistles to keep you coming back….

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JUDAS PRIEST – “Lighting Strike”

My favorite part of the video is the opening when Rob Halford puts on the rings. Like a prize fighter…

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Lady Beast

Country of Origin: United States Formed In: 2009 Genre: Hard Rock, Heavy Metal Last Known Label: Cruz Del Sur Music…

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LADY BEAST – Vicious Breed

Fronting a NWOBHM band that sounds like a cross between Judas Priest and Iron Maiden is one thing but sounding…

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