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A group of cybernetic assassins playing instruments, accelerating a perfect riff that echoes all things Terminator. I was back in California last…

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MEGADETH – “Go To Hell”

The mock funeral with members of the band taking part in the ceremony is morbidly memorable. David Ellefson as a…

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DEATH ANGEL – “Humanicide”

While visualizers aren’t normally my cup of tea, I decided to give this one a chance simply because Death Angel…

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DARKEST COLOR – Deal With Pain

Enhanced by solid bass lines, supersonic drum work and memorable solos, the songs are delivered with a noteworthy speed metal…

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TOXIK Guitarist Josh Christian Talks Comeback, Breaking Class And Record Reissues.

“We are expecting these to be full tours, hit both coasts and as many in between dates as we can…

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TOXIK – Breaking Class

This three song effort is impressive as hell. Speedy riffs and flashy solos, memorable vocals with solid choruses that actually…

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Death Angel

Country of Origin: United States Formed In: 1982 Genre: Thrash Metal Last Known Label: Nuclear Blast Website: http://www.deathangel.us Social Media: https://www.facebook.com/deathangel/ “Humanicide”…

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