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SEPTICFLESH – “Neuromancer”

This type of morbidly complex backstory is just what you’d expect from Septicflesh, who’s writing is always on par with…

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We all know the female mantis eats the male, a fitting parody of man’s obsession with women. I’ve been infatuated…

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A performance offering with some unique effects. These visuals border on grotesque. They enhance the subject matter and make the…

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KRISIUN – “Devouring Faith”

I’ve seen this video over a dozen times and I’m blood thirsty. I can’t wait to get my hands on…

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SEPTICFLESH – “Portrait Of A Headless Man”

“Portrait of a Headless Man” is an amazing video. It’s like watching a Septicflesh movie. In a future reminiscent of…

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SEPTICFLESH – “Prometheus”

I’ve been a fan of Septicflesh since I discovered them back in 2005. I found the use of symphonic instruments…

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SEPTICFLESH’s Christos Antoniou Talks Touring North America And New Drummer Krimh

SepticFlesh are tour monsters, marketing geniuses, who understand how you’ve got to work to succeed. Those who read my articles…

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SEPTICFLESH’s Fotis Benardo Talks The Great Mass, Touring And Symphonic Death Metal

“We don’t necessarily want to take extreme steps and go from one side to the other but then again we…

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