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SHATTERED SUN – The Evolution Of Anger

The group’s sophomore effort The Evolution Of Anger was released on July 21st via Victory Records and it does more…

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SHATTERED SUN – “Burn It Down”

This is an unexpectedly mature offering from Shattered Sun. The visuals are emotionally stirring.  A compelling storyline keeps the viewer…

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DARKNESS DIVIDED – Darkness Divided

Like a demented lullaby, this lightens the extremity of the music and allows the group more freedom artistically. Metal is…

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WITHIN THE RUINS – Halfway Human

Part death metal, part rhythmic unbalance, this music is so diversified it’s hard not to appreciate. In my mind most…

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WITHIN THE RUINS – “Beautiful Agony”

The music accommodates the plot with an unnerving virtue, delving deeper and deeper into the dark underbelly of human nature….

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Suicide Silence offered innovation guitar work accompanied by rapid fire beats. They focused on anti-societal themes and set them to…

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Within The Ruins

Country of Origin: United States Formed In: 2003 Genre: Deathcore, Metalcore, Progressive Metal Last Known Label: eOne Music Website:  Social…

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Bring Me The Horizon

Country of Origin: United Kingdom Formed In: 2003 Genre: Death Core, Metal Core Last Known Label: RCA Records Website: http://www.bmthofficial.com/ SocialMedia:…

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