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Country of Origin: Sweden Formed In: 1998 Genre: Black Metal Last Known Label: Nuclear Blast Website: http://templeofwatain.com/ Social Media: https://www.facebook.com/watainofficial “We Remain” “The Howling”…

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WATAIN – “We Remain”

Those who have done it know life on the road is a hazardous trek, full of hours of boredom capped…

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SVART CROWN – “Blessed Be The Fools”

Like a black metal gang initiation, it’s unclear if this ceremony is voluntary or a necessary rite of passage. We…

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It’s the ultimate suspense builder, a relief and a reassurance that metal in the ‘90s was going to survive. Mercyful…

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TÝR – “Ragnars Kvæði”

The landscapes are breathtaking and have as much appeal as the plot line of this effort. TÝR is a folk…

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Country of Origin: United States Formed In: 2013 Genre: Black Metal, Heavy Metal, Speed Metal Last Known Label: Shadow Kingdom Records…

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Country of Origin: Faroe Islands Formed In: 1998 Genre: Folk Metal, Heavy Metal, Pagan Metal Last Known Label: Metal Blade…

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Svart Crown

Country of Origin: France Formed In: 2004 Genre: Black Metal, Blackened Death Metal Last Known Label: Century Media Records Social…

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Country of Origin: Sweden Formed In: 1983 Genre: Black Metal, Viking Metal Last Known Label: (Split-Up) “A Fine Day To Die” “Man Of Iron”…

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