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A Nation Reborn

The General scoffed. “Gathered from fraudulent websites, kidnapping and murdering people in the middle of the night. All the name…

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ELECTROCUTION – Psychonolatry

If you’re looking for some quality death metal, you’ve come to the right place. Electrocution from Italy are probably one…

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JUNGLE ROT – “A Burning Cinder”

A performance offering that is seemingly shot in the pits of hell. The concrete jungle we call humanity has been…

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JUNGLE ROT – Jungle Rot

Emotion is a big part of what makes death metal great and Jungle Rot has it in spades. Are you…

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This was without a doubt one of the best release parties I have ever attended and easily one of the…

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CAVE BASTARD’s Steve Pearce Discusses Band Name Origins, Music Videos And Death Metal Vocals.

“I mean as far as early death metal vocals go, it sounded like those guys were actually dying.” Making it…

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CAVE BASTARD – The Bleak Shall Devour The Earth

Melody equals atmosphere as we slowly advance into a subterranean underworld where violence is the ultimate authority! Cave Bastard is…

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KULT MOGIŁ – Portentaque

Kult Mogil is Polish for ‘Cult of Graves’ and this trio definitely succeeds in delivering some ghoulish hymns from the…

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Inactive Messiah

Country of Origin: Greece Formed In: 2004 Genre: Atmospheric Death Metal, Industrial Metal Last Known Label: Growl Records Website: Social Media: https://www.facebook.com/inactivemessiahofficial/?fref=nf “24 Carat…

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