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HATCHET – Dying To Exist

A venomous lyrical spew that enhances the arrangements and turns the trademark Hatchet swing into a blood thirsty assault. A…

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JUNGLE ROT -“The Unstoppable”

Screaming into a phone or mic may have lightened the visual load but the slow-motion images of mangled bodies are a blunt reminder…

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DISHARMONY – “Vain Messiah”

This is an epic tale of good versus evil and it’s clear from the ending who won. Disharmony is a…

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GOD DEMENTIA’s Zack Smolenski Talks Consuming The Delusional Follow-Up, Band Name Origins And Music Videos.

“A record deal would be nice but we also realize how old we are now. There’s a good chance that…

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DISHARMONY – The Abyss Noir

Their music is a revamped take on it all. This is true heavy metal with a solid emphasis on the…

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An annual festival keeps the memory of a friend and his dream alive. One of the few things worth fighting for. It’s simple…

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SAVAGERY – “Vibing The Hatred”

If you like your metal fast with riffs hell bent on world destruction, this is for you! Savagery (2009) from…

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Country of Origin: Greece Formed In: 1996 Genre: Doom Metal, Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal Last Known Label: GrimmDistribution Website:  Social…

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Country of Origin: United States Formed In: 2011 Genre: Heavy Metal,Power Metal Last Known Label: Platinum Dungeon Entertainment Website: Social Media: https://www.facebook.com/screamkingmetal “Deathwitch”…

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