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HELLOWEEN – “Skyfall”

The collaboration of past and present members is taking Helloween to a whole new level.  I’ve been following the band…

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VOIVOD – “The End Of Dormancy”

A yellow ectoplasmic goo reminiscent of  Ghostbusters appears front and center. We wonder if this toxic fungus will interact with Voivod’s…

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NEIL PEART – Forever Remembered.

Although the loss of Neil Peart is great, we must remember his influence lives on anytime a student of his…

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SANTA CRUZ – “Young Blood Rising”

There was a time when party anthems ruled the airwaves. Life was about getting drunk, getting high and getting laid,…

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ANVIL – Pounding The Pavement

 The song writing on Pounding the Pavement is superb. Reminiscent of legendary acts like Motörhead, you don’t appreciate the genius…

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STRIKER’s Tim Brown Talks Independence, Touring And Music Videos.

“Yes, totally, we’re lucky. I can’t think of many independent metal bands that are actually out touring.  We’re kind of…

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Santa Cruz

Country of Origin: Finland Formed In: 2007 Genre: Glam Metal, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal Last Known Label: M-Theory Audio Website: http://santacruzbandofficial.com/…

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Country of Origin: Canada Formed In: 1981 Genre: Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Power Metal Last Known Label: Steamhammer Website: Social Media: https://www.facebook.com/anvilmetal/ “Ego”…

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Country of Origin: Canada Formed In: 1980 Genre: Heavy Metal Last Known Label: Unsigned / Independent Website: Social Media: “Stoned Again”

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