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MANIAC ABDUCTOR – Causalities Of Causality

Modern thrash with an ‘old school’ vibe, the music is psychopathically aggressive with a melodic skill that will leave you wanting…

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DARKEST COLOR – Deal With Pain

Enhanced by solid bass lines, supersonic drum work and memorable solos, the songs are delivered with a noteworthy speed metal…

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VANTABLACK WARSHIP – Abrasive Pulmonic Speak

Vantablack Warship are artists with a brain. Their latest effort, Abrasive Pulmonic Speak, is an attack on both style and…

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TESTAMENT – Brotherhood Of The Snake

Testament is one of those rare groups who can tackle any subject and make it seem important to the listener….

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Vantablack Warship

Country of Origin: Canada Formed In: 2014 Genre: Death Metal, Hardcore Thrash, Speed Metal, Thrash Metal Last Known Label: Unsigned…

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Maniac Abductor

Country of Origin: Finland Formed In: 2013 Genre: Speed Metal, Thrash Metal Last Known Label: Inverse Records Website: Social Media: https://www.facebook.com/ManiacAbductor/…

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Country of Origin: Canada Formed In: 1984 Genre: Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal Last Known Label: UDR Music Website: http://www.annihilatormetal.com Social Media: …

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VOIVOD’s Michel ‘Away’ Langevin: “We Have A Very Loyal Following, That’s Why We Are Still Here 30 Years Later.”

It’s been impressive in terms of the respect we get from the journalists, the musicians, the fans that’s quite an…

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