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HOLY GRAIL’s Eli Santana and Alex Lee Talk New Material, Upcoming Tours and Sebastian Bach.

“And to have one of your hero’s head banging to your music. It was a lot of fun and it…

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This was one event I was glad I didn’t miss. The relationship between artist and fan is what makes this…

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Eli Santana of HOLY GRAIL Talks New Album, Masonic Temples and Huntress

“They’re probably going to come murder us!” Some artists are born with an unfathomable drive, like an insatiable thirst that…

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Alex Lee of HOLY GRAIL: “It’s Not The Same Thrill Seeing A Band Live Nowadays”

Holy Grail is riding the void straight to the top. Featuring a sound and a style that incorporates everything good…

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GRAVE’s Ronnie Bergersåthl: “I Hate Everything With ‘Core’ In It. We Are A Death Metal Band And We Are Completely Swedish In Our Style.”

You have to tour to reach people these days. No band in this genre sells a shit load of albums…

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