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Turn It Up To 11 – A Tribute to Eddie Van Halen.

I have always equated the music of Van Halen with the summer. Maybe it’s because they’re a California band but…

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NEIL PEART – Forever Remembered.

Although the loss of Neil Peart is great, we must remember his influence lives on anytime a student of his…

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DORO – “All For Metal”

Not only is this a fist pumping jam laced with shots of some of the genre’s greatest, it is a…

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JACKYL – “When Will It Rain”

“When Will It Rain” was a great track in ’92 and it’s still great today. Jesse’s wails and the lockdown…

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BLACK LABEL SOCIETY – “Room Of Nightmares”

The deadpan expressions of Zakk Wylde are priceless. When you add a kick ass track with an amazing solo you…

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AC/DC – Malcolm Young

Although we have lost Malcolm Young in the flesh, he will live on in the amazing work left behind. Forever…

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DORO Talks Triumph and Agony, Anniversary Tour Dates And Fronting A Metal Band.

“I never thought of doing an album tour before but for the Triumph and Agony record it’s definitely the thing to…

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Country of Origin: Israel Formed In: 1998 Genre: Groove Metal, Heavy Metal, Metalcore Last Known Label: AFM Records Website:  Social…

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Country of Origin: United States Formed In: 1969 Genre: Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Glam Metal Last Known Label: Columbia Records…

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