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LORNA SHORE – “Immortal”

Three women are put to death, pillow cases over their heads, but let’s not forget this song is called “Immortal”….

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MAYHEM – “Falsified And Hated”

I found the ending truly disturbing, did we just witness self-immolation? There’s something about black metal and music videos that…

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MAYHEM – “Worthless Abominations Destroyed”

The satanic imagery throughout this effort enhances this blasphemous attack. I’m ready to sell my soul to hear this release!…

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MaYaN – “The Power Process”

From the driving riffs and aggressive vocals to the unusual arrangements and staggering time signatures. MaYaN has proven once again…

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HELGARDH – Mallevs Maleficarvm

From the instrumental opening to the grandiose finish this record has enough variation to satisfy any demon following these fractured…

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MaYaN – “Saints Don’t Die”

This latest visual offering capitalizes on the group’s uniqueness and I urge you to see it. Extreme music and agression…

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MARDUK’s Morgan Talks Frontschwein, Concert Cancellations And Marduk Vocalists.

“All of them have had something unique in their approach that they have brought to Marduk but the argument will…

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Holding the crowd in a captive trance, they cast a black metal spell on all in attendance. The good, the…

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