Written by David Halbe

She could tell by the hatred in his face this was the end. He came up behind her. A flash of steel then darkness.


A bacon cheeseburger he thought. That’s what she typically ordered. No ketchup and a large Coke. Her figure was so curvy he wondered where she put it. “I’m going to find out tonight” he said out loud with a snicker. He knew her schedule, she’d be all alone.
He pulled into the drive and killed the lights. Just one more thing to do. He carefully unwrapped the burger and pulled out a vial from inside his jacket. A powerful tetrodotoxin taken from a Naticidae, commonly known as ‘Moon Snails’. Just one drop would leave her paralyzed, if she didn’t die.
His education overseas had its benefits, he doubted a forensic team in Chicago would even look for the poison let alone deduce it was taken from a common snail. Even his hacking techniques were nearly untraceable. He’d been following this particular beauty for months. He simply cloned her delivery app and whenever an order was placed, she would unknowingly go directly to him. A private delivery driver with his eyes on the prize. He learned their schedules and struck when the opportunity was right. They’d never catch him.

He knocked on the door confidently. She opened it surprised to see it was him.
“Wow! This is like the 5th time this month I’ve seen you” she smiled slightly “I used a different app this time. Do you deliver for ‘My Food Now’?”
“Yes, I deliver whatever I can. I’m trying to pay my way through school.”
She took the bag and handed him a twenty. “What are you studying?”
“Physical anatomy” he said it with a smile that unnerved her.
“Keep the change” she said, closing and bolting the door as quickly as possible.
She watched him leave through the peep hole. If her husband wasn’t working out of state, she’d be out somewhere enjoying a glass of Chardonnay. I’ll just hit a drive through on my way home tomorrow she thought.
She changed into a comfortable pair of sweatpants and then took a seat on the couch. She pulled up the coffee table and opened the Styrofoam carton containing the burger.
“My don’t you look delicious” she said to the burger and took a bite.
The change was almost instantaneous. Something was wrong. She felt a wave of dizziness wash over her. Her senses were functioning but as hard as she tried, she simply could not move. It was like being trapped in her own body.
She heard a door open somewhere towards the back of the house. The side door was never locked. Maybe her husband had come home early? Then she saw his reflection on the television screen. It was the delivery man, he was naked holding a large butcher knife. She could tell by the hatred in his face this was the end. He came up behind her. A flash of steel then darkness.


It had been two days since the murder and they still didn’t have shit. The small hairs found on her body came back as rabbit hair but no animal was found. Was this woman killed over a pet?
Maybe that would explain the bite. A chunk of flesh was taken out of the woman’s left buttocks. It was apparently done postmortem. Punishment for the pet? He’d seen everything in this business but a man biting a woman’s ass over a bunny just seemed too farfetched. Not to mention the fact they’ve had five such biting crimes, was a new serial killer at work? He shuddered at the thought. Last October he’d had it out with Mr. Halloween aka The Halloween Killer. Just when he thought he had the bastard cornered, the fiend had slipped away. Now here it was a couple of days before the 4th of July and he had some crazy rabbit bastard to deal with. He made a mental note to have the other homicide locations re-checked for rabbit’s fur, might be a way of linking this all together.
His thought process was interrupted by a phone call. “This is Gacy.”
“John, it’s Jack over at the lab.”
“Hey Jack, give me some good news.”
Jack chuckled, “We found the remnants of a food delivery site on her cell, looks like it was intentionally erased.”
Gacy gave a pause, might be the pattern he was looking for.
“Jack, can you contact the guys from fiber and ask them to look for rabbit fur in any other unsolved homicides we’re currently working?”
“Sure. You think we have another serial?”
“I do. Check all the cell phones of the current victims, you know what to look for.”
“Get back to me as soon as you can.”
Less than two hours later he had the news. Every victim had used a food delivery app and three out of the five women had traces of fur consistent with rabbit found on their clothing and/or bodies. There was a new serial killer and with a con like this it was going to be difficult to single him out.
They got nothing from the online food service sites. It was looking more and more like this guy had breached the services with a clever hack. It’s likely the victims thought they we’re ordering food from the site but in reality they were ordering directly from their killer.
A revision in the toxicology report was coming, it was a poison similar to the puffer fish. A paralyzing chemical that dissipated quickly making it very hard to trace.
“The only way I’m going to get this guy is through sheer luck” he mumbled to himself.
As if on cue, Gacy’s car was suddenly rear-ended by a garbage truck. The rear end was smashed and he spilt hot coffee on his shirt. The intoxicated driver went on to wipe out several parked cars.
He jumped out of his car and held up his badge to the driver.
Fuck this holiday he thought. I’m going to have one of the boys drop me off at home. I need a break.


“What are you doing home so early Daddy?”
“I got in a car accident.”
“Oh my gosh! Are you ok?”
“Yeah, I was parked. A drunken garbage man hit me, no biggie, how are the studies going?”
“Not bad, I didn’t think taking classes over the summer was going to be so hard!” She stamped her feet trying to look cute.
“It’s not summer school Jennifer, these are real college classes.”
John gave his daughter a pat on the back. “You’ll do fine.”
“Are you hungy?” she asked “I was about to order some food.”
“No. I’m good. I’m going to shower and change. See you in a bit?”


An hour later he heard a strange voice in the hallway, there was a young man at the door.
“That will be $16.50.”
She handed him a twenty dollar bill. “You can keep the change.”
”Thanks, so you’re all alone again?”
“Yes. I have a biology test in the morning.”
“Pretty girl like you shouldn’t be alone on a night like this, I could just eat you right up.”
She giggled.
Something in the man’s voice gave John a pause. A delivery driver he thought.
He gave them drugs laced in the food and then took it away when he left.
He got up quietly and headed for the door. Jennifer was just closing it as he approached.
She could tell by the look on his face something was amiss. “What’s wrong daddy?”
“Don’t touch that food!” he hissed. Jennifer rolled her eyes in response.
“Call the station, I need back up now” he responded.


He slipped out the back patio door and headed around to the front of the house. He found the car parked halfway down the drive. The bastard was undressing by his car.
That’s when he saw it, a lucky rabbit’s foot on his keychain. The freak had a visible erection and a butcher knife. John knew this kid was the killer. He imagined this sicko biting his daughter. It got him riled up. He pulled out his gun and stepped out of the bushes.
“Hey buddy, you got a second?”
The kid looked at him bewildered. His confidence in shambles.
“Can I ask why you’re outside my house naked with a butcher knife?”
No response.
“You know I’m a cop right?”
Look of shock.
“I’ll tell you what. I’ve been told you can cover more ground with a knife than you can with a gun.
Why don’t you try to stab me with that knife before I shoot you dead?”
The kid looked at the weapon as if it just magically appeared in his hand.
Gacy smiled. “You know I can’t let you live. Some nutbag like you would plead insanity and get out in a few years. That’s my daughter inside, in my mind, you’re already dead.
“Please” the kid croaked.
Gacy gave him a stare like hot embers. “I don’t think so punk, on the count of three, One….”
Fuck two and three Gacy thought and unloaded. Bam! Bam! Bam!
The kid was thrown back against his car. He dropped into a widening pool of blood.
A pair of officers quickly ran up with their weapons drawn.
“Ramirez! It’s me you idiot” John responded.
The men lowered their weapons.
“Sorry Detective Gacy. I didn’t realize it was you.”
“What the hell happened?” asked Ramize’s partner, a newbie only on the job for a week.
“This kid, he’s the ‘jack rabbit killer”. He pointed to the rabbit’s foot hanging off the keychain.
“Happy 4th of July! I’m an ass biting freak!” said the newbie.
“How’d you catch him John?” asked Ramirez.
“It’s a long story Richard. Can you guys notify the coroner and call the paramedics? I’ve got to check on my daughter.”
“I’m on it.” said Ramirez.
“Wait a minute” said the newbie. “Is your name really John Gacy like the infamous serial killer?”
“Go fuck yourself nutsack!” said John.
Then he turned away and headed up the driveway to check on his daughter.



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