Andrea spent the next three hours helping the others with their grueling work. Stock piling dead bodies was no easy task. They were heavy and awkward to manipulate. Emotionally, the whole process was draining. It was hard to treat flesh and blood like a block of wood.


The siren stopped. Andrea’s head started to clear as she got to her feet. Her senses bombarded her simultaneously. Her whole body ached and the stench was unbearable, it was like death laced with shit. The ground was uneven under her feet, squishy. She’d been outdoors camping with friends but now she could sense she was indoors. She slipped and fell quickly realizing this wasn’t ground at all, it was a human body, dozens of them! The gruesome scene made her vomit.

A light was suddenly in her face. “Glad alive!” said a voice in broken English.

“Get that light out of her face Rosemary!” A man in overalls stumbled over the dead bodies and quickly came forward.

“My name’s Dwayne, glad to see you alive”, he extended his hand. Andrea took it and got to her feet.

“This here’s Rosemary.” Dwayne nodded to an obese woman in a bloodstained dress standing not more than a foot away.

“What happened to all these people?” she asked.

“The noise somehow scrambled their brains and killed them” said Dwayne.

Andrea nodded. She remembered her cell phone and took it out of her back pocket. She started to dial 911 but  the phone was slapped out of her hand.

“That shit don’t work! We tried dat!” said Rosemary glaring at her.

“Phones don’t work around here” added Dwyane. “We’re from South Dakota, where are you from?”

“Chicago” said Andrea. She turned back to Rosemary “Thanks for finding me.”

The fat lady continued her violent stare. Jealously? Andrea had no clue, but it was clear the woman disliked her.

“She don’t say much” said Dwayne in a whisper “ever since her husband run off.”

Andrea nodded. “Believe it or not she used to be pretty” Dwayne added.

Andrea stole a glance at the angry woman, the farmers claim was hard to believe.

“Can you walk?” Dwayne asked.

“Yes” said Andrea wiping the blood off her hands.

Dwayne gave her a wink and turned to Rosemary.

“You ready to go Rose? It’s time we got back to the others.”

Rosemary nodded and Dwayne took off over the pile of bodies.

“There are others? That’s great!” said Andrea.

Dwayne turned to Andrea and smiled. “The Sheriff is going to be happy we found you. You’re the first one we found alive in three days and from the looks of it, probably the last. You’re number eight and that’s a lucky number.”

“Who’s the Sheriff?” Andrea asked.

“A real lawman from Texas, he’s the guy who’s been organizing our way out of this mess.”

“Where are we Dwayne?” Andrea asked.

Dwayne stopped walking and hesitated. “Well, I don’t rightly know. Some call it Hell because of the blood and death all around us but I’d like to think we’re in another dimension maybe even outer space.”

Andrea stared at him dumbfounded.

“I’m not the one to ask. The Sheriff will fill you in when you see him. They’re finding out new stuff every day.”      


Eventually, they arrived at a place where the bodies had been cleared. Andrea noticed the actual ground. It was dark and polished. It reminded her of colored glass. Andrea observed more bodies trailing up a wall as far as her eyes could see. The other survivors were in the process of stocking even more. A heavy set man wearing a cowboy hat was directing them. He was the one they called the Sheriff.

“I told you ten times Billy, you’ve got to stack the heavier corpses on the bottom” said the Sheriff to a burly man dressed as a construction worker.

“Got ya Sheriff” said Billy.

Dwayne got the Sheriff’s attention and quickly introduced Andrea. “You’re lucky to be here, we haven’t found anyone alive in three days” he said.

Andrea let out a half smile.  “Rosemary found me, I was lucky. My name is Andrea.”

“She’s from Chicago” added Dwayne. “That’s somebody in just about every state east of the Rockies, right Sheriff?”

The Sheriff nodded then looked Andrea up and down, “What’s your exact height and weight?”

Andrea looked at the bloody lawman appalled. “ I’m 5’6 and 105 lbs., what does that have to do with anything?”

The Sheriff glanced at her gravely, “Life and death maybe.”

He pointed to the wall, “You see that wall there?”

Andrea and Dwayne nodded.

“Smooth as glass, can’t get a grip on it. Circles this whole place, about a half mile in each direction. That’s why we’re stacking the bodies, like the Egyptians did when they built the Pyramids. Makes for easy climbing. The only problem is, we don’t think we have enough bodies to get all the way out.”

“There’s a way out?” asked Dwayne.

“Sure as hell is” said the Sheriff, he pointed. “Look up at the top, there’s holes cut in the ceiling wide enough to fit a man.”

Andrea looked up to the top and noticed a bunch of large circular holes.

“Holy shit Sheriff, we might escape yet!” exclaimed Dwayne.

The Sheriff nodded.


Andrea spent the next three hours helping the others with their grueling work. Stock piling dead bodies was no easy task. They were heavy and awkward to manipulate. Emotionally, the whole process was draining. It was hard to treat flesh and blood like a block of wood.

As she suspected, nobody had any clue where they were. Those alive believed they’d all been abducted by aliens but only the task at hand was generally discussed. Nobody dared speculate on what might come next.

Eventually, every corpse had been moved into position. The dark glass floor shone before them. It was impenetrable to brute force and the Sheriff’s gun. The bullets just ricocheted off the floor. A prison made of dark glass.

They were ready for stage two when the clattering sounds began. Like glass and metal striking each other, it vibrated the entire room. A terrifying murmur quickly followed. The sound was hideous.

“We better get a move on” said the Sheriff. “I got a bad feeling in my gut.”

They began to climb the rows of dead bodies. Like a set of stairs, it extended several feet high and ended in a square platform. As high as it was it wasn’t high enough for them to escape.

“We’re going to have to stand on top of each other to reach the opening. Looks like only one of us is going to be able to make it all the way out. That person is going to bring back help. Knowing the height and weight of you all, I think Andrea should be the one.”

“That bitch, no way!” exclaimed Rosemary. “Me go!”

“Your fat ass won’t be able to climb us all Rosemary!” said Manuel, a cook from Indiana. His once white apron and chef’s hat were literally caked with blood. He looked like a maniacal butcher. “I didn’t do all this work to have some fucking pig try to climb up on me!”

“You watch your mouth Manuel!” said Dwayne.

The scrawny man got in the cook’s face. He was ready to battle.

The Sheriff stepped between the two men. He shot an angry glance at Rosemary.

“All of you calm your asses down! Rosemary you’re on the bottom! I can’t believe you people! With all this death around us, getting somebody out alive should be our only objective!”

Ten minuets later Andrea found herself climbing up a living totem pole. Trying to ignore both the dead and living, she kept her eyes on the prize. The cool air from the circular openings rushed down on her. Andrea stood on top of Dwayne’s scrawny shoulders and hoisted herself up and through the hole.


Andrea rolled over onto the metal opening and let out a sigh. The air was fresh, not laced with the stench of death. She breathed in deeply for several moments. She was thankful to be alive.

“What’s going on Andrea?” asked the Sheriff. “Can you see a way out?”

Andrea took in the terrain before her. Distance gave her the perspective she needed. She was just outside of an enormous dining room. The crashing they heard was indeed steel on glass. It was the dinner plates and utensils of space creatures having a feast.

They were enormous birds, resembling giant turkeys. Gorging themselves on creatures unknown. The hideous murmur, the sound of the birds enjoying their prey. Andrea noticed black cylinders on each table. The awful truth became known as a creature grabbed one of the cylinders and shook it over its dinner plate. Andrea could see the bodies fall.

“We’re trapped in a human salt shaker” she said out loud.

Andrea stood up on the shaker and looked over the edge. The shaker was set on a large metal try. At least twenty other shakers stood along with it. One of the turkeys got up from a nearby table and began moving towards her.

“Andrea? What’s happening?” asked the Sheriff.

Andrea ignored him and began sliding down the front of the glass structure. She reached the bottom and made her way through the human filled towers. She dove off the tray just as the turkey arrived to snatch it away. She watched in horror as the others were carried off to the feast.

Andrea studied her environment. It was some kind of condiment station just off the main dining area. She was about to plan her next move when she heard the sound of rushing water behind her. Andrea turned just in time to see a young turkey exiting what she assumed to be a bathroom.

The creature noticed her all alone on the counter. The two made eye contact. Andrea tried to run but like an ant caught on a kitchen floor, she was simply outmatched. It snatched up the girl from Chicago and gobbled her up.

Andrea barely had time to scream. The last thing she saw was a huge pair of  turkey tonsils!

 Happy Thanksgiving!!


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