As he reached the Vistas Bridge a plan formulated in his mind, he looked at it from all angles trying to find a weakness, an Achilles heel that would bring the whole thing down but he could see none. Timing would be everything but he felt it could be done, the selfish bitch must pay.


Rejection had always been difficult for Kevin, especially during the holidays. He knew statistically more people killed themselves between Christmas and New Year’s than any other time of the year. A gun was the number one choice but you’d be surprised how many people preferred hanging from a rope or falling to their deaths in lieu of pill popping into oblivion. Americans were always looking for a quick thrill, even in the end.
In Kevin’s mind, dumping somebody right before Christmas was a cheap way to get out of giving a gift but more likely a good way to get rid of that ‘special someone’ you could never take home to meet mom and dad. Sure, the reasoning was a bit superficial but we are talking about men and women. Humans are inherently a selfish race.

However, nothing is as unforgivable as dumping someone on New Year’s Eve. What final kiss says ‘fuck you’ harder than getting dumped before the New Year. Kicked to the curb before you can celebrate all you’ve accomplished together.  It’s worse if you’re involved in a ‘secret relationship’ like Kevin, a relationship based exclusively on sex, because there was no one to share your pain. When it’s over you’ve got to just shut your mouth and take it. Kevin experienced that type of dismissal only two hours earlier and he wasn’t about to take it. Her rejection had unknowingly brought her into the Devil’s playground.

Internally humiliated, he watched Lisa, a long-legged blonde, cross the busy intersection. Although it was late evening, the streets were still packed due to the impending holiday. He was careful to keep far back, there was no need to reveal himself just yet.  He was dressed for work, knowing she’d only seen him like that once before. He watched the men on the street ogle her, undressing her with their eyes. He couldn’t blame them, Lisa was definitely something to look at but her rejection of him had changed her from an object to a necessity.

They’d met roughly a year earlier. Kevin was letting go of his last relationship and spotted her among the crowd.  Although she never told him about her past he eventually discovered she was married to an old retired movie tycoon who was more interested in his pool boy’s ass than his wife. She was instantly attracted to his sleek looks and muscular build. “They had to be completely discreet” she’d said, “there was a pre-nuptial agreement that couldn’t be broken or she’d lose everything”.

As a result, he never mentioned the sexy blonde to any of his friends or co-workers. He’d never met any of her friends and they rarely went out anywhere in public. For all practical purposes he was dating a ghost. She didn’t want to know him, never asked personal questions and told him nothing about her life outside the bedroom, it was perfect no strings attached sex.  The kind of relationship a man like him treasured, he loved her simply because she didn’t want to be loved.  Her deliberate ignorance fueled his desire and now that desire had been taken away.

He watched her slow her stride as she approached the hotel.  It was the location of the party they were supposed to attend together. A coming out party for the pair, as a couple, but something had gone wrong, they’d quarreled and his facade had been revealed. She’d caught a glimpse of the monster and that had been enough to end it.

He imagined killing them all, the whole fucking party. He could easily blow the place up, blood, fire, burning bodies. The images brought a smile to his face but the truth was he didn’t know these people and he was fairly confident they didn’t know him. There was no reason to hurt them, they weren’t the ones who hurt him, it was Lisa and the bitch would pay.

He watched Lisa enter the hotel lobby from across the street. The building was lighted magnificence. It was enormously tall and overlooked the majestic skyline of the city. The thought of exclusion burned his body like hot oil as he watched her laugh with the other hotel patrons. She entered the elevator, happy and carefree while his feeble ego was bruised and scorned. He knew she was headed to room 1134, a penthouse party he’d never attend.

Kevin knew the only way to rid himself of these feelings was to end her life, but how?  He had his tools with him but she was hardly approachable. He was familiar with the area, deciding to walk his beat while formulating a plan. He had to do it tonight or the agony would be unbearable, he doubted he could sleep knowing she was out there living, without him. The thought brought a hunger and although he’d quelled it many times before, he knew if he failed to do it in a timely manner his demon would become more rabid with each passing day. It begins like a smoldering fire in the stomach, the pain gradually increasing, allowing obsession to cloud judgment. In his haste he’d make a mistake which would result in jail time or death. He couldn’t let that happen, there was still life left to live.


As he reached the Vistas Bridge a plan formulated in his mind, he looked at it from all angles trying to find a weakness, an Achilles heel that would bring the whole thing down but he could see none. Timing would be everything but he felt it could be done, the selfish bitch must pay.

When Kevin walked around the hotel disguised earlier, he noticed the back parking lot did not have any video cameras. He found the rear entrance and stairwell were also camera-free. The problem had been how to get Lisa downstairs, his burning desire had provided the answer: the hotel fire alarm.

Ironically, the knowledge had come from one of the few times they had been out together publicly, it had been a restaurant. A minor grease fire had broken out in the kitchen. Alarms sounded and the fire department had been called but he never saw them. Lisa had been so freaked out by the fire that she ran out of the restaurant the instant the alarm sounded. Kevin found her up the street crying, she mentioned a childhood fire. They never went out in public after that.

He checked his watch, it was ten minutes to midnight. Ten minutes until the end of their year together, life together. He entered the rear of the hotel and felt the artificial cold on his sunburnt face. He mounted the stairwell cautiously, careful not to run into any unexpected guests. He pulled the fire alarm on a mid-level landing and waited in the stairwell on Lisa’s floor, where he had a prime view of the elevator. The alarm was deafening. As he had suspected, Lisa was the first one out of the hotel room, she headed for the elevator, pressed the down button and waited impatiently.

Kevin watched her pace back and forth like a caged beast, golden hair bouncing off the nape of her neck. She unexpectedly turned and headed towards the stairwell, towards him. He ducked into the shadows. She burst through the door, he could smell her perfume. The scent aroused him as he pulled up the syringe. He stuck her in the side of the neck just below the hairline. It was a place the coroner often missed during an autopsy.

The drug he used was called ‘Zombie Love Juice’. It was a pharmaceutical nightmare developed by Matt Spear, one of Kevin’s old college buddies. ‘Zombie Love Juice’ turned the intended victim into a walking zombie, open to all kinds of improper suggestions. They’d used it to successfully date-rape scores of women on campus but Matt had eventually gotten too cute with his creation and used it on his busty math teacher Mrs. Webster. She suspected her defilement and told her husband, a chemistry professor, who involved the police. In the end Matt earned himself a twenty-five year stretch in the state penitentiary. Luckily, Kevin had Matt make him a huge batch of the drug before he got sent away.

Kevin grabbed the catalyst of his obsessions and whispered. “Hello Lisa, it will be over soon.”

He felt her body go from stiff to lax in his hands as the drug took effect.

While he marched her down the stairs he realized he wasn’t doing any of this for love. Lisa was only a possession to him, a play toy who had dumped him first. That had been the trigger, her doing the dumping. If the roles were reversed she’d probably live. He’d let go of every woman that dumped him, Lisa would be no exception.

It was just as he had suspected, the fire alarm sent the hotel into frenzy. No one suspected a thing as he walked the woman outside and towards “The Suicide Bridge”.

As they made their way to his favorite spot, a light went on in her drug-induced head.

“You killed her, the other girl the night we met on a bridge, just like this.”

“You’re very clever Lisa.”

The truth was he used the bridge many times in the past, twenty-three to be exact. Over twenty stories high and built over a downtown city street, the sight was breathtaking. It was even used as the opening shot of a big budget Hollywood movie. He loved watching bodies bounce on pavement, the sound of crushing bones, seeing the blood spatter, it aroused him like nothing else. The lack of prevention barriers, emergency phones and cameras had made his job a breeze.

Suicides were often spontaneous occurrences and subsequently happened at all hours. The people who lived and worked around here almost expected these deaths.

With the final countdown of the New Year ringing out: “Ten! Nine! Eight! Seven!”, Kevin held Lisa over the edge of the bridge. He could see her mind wanting to fight but her body said no, he could easily push her to her death.

He held her off the bridge and felt the crisp air and a slight breeze. There wasn’t a soul around, the moment was right.

“Any last words Lisa?”

She stared at him, eyes blazing with hatred.

“Bastard!” she spat out under the groggily influence of the drugs.


He heard the roar of party goers as he let Lisa slip from his grasp and fall to her death.

He watched her bewilderment then the back of her head explode like a grapefruit. The sight was magnificent and reminded him of a water balloon hitting the side walk, splat!

“My God, Officer!” said a voice “Did that woman just commit suicide?”

Police officer Kevin Mills looked up to find a striking brunette standing behind him, she was in a shiny gold dress that definitely enhanced her figure. Her eyes were puffy from crying.

“Dial 911. Tell them a woman jumped off the bridge. I’ll talk to the detective when he arrives.”

Kevin glanced down at the splattered remains of Lisa. The sprayed blood outlined her body like crime scene chalk.

He knew Detective Murphy would likely be assigned to this case, he was on call tonight. Suicides like this were commonplace, especially during the holidays. Kevin shared a cup of coffee and a doughnut with Murphy this morning, the detective said he had a ‘bad feeling’ about ‘The Suicide Bridge’ tonight, guess he was right.

The brunette finished her 911 call and started to sob uncontrollably.

“My boyfriend broke up with me… I was coming up here to kill myself.”

Kevin approached the crying girl and took her gently into his arms.

“Don’t worry” he said “I won’t let you go.”

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