Over all it was a hell of a night in Indianapolis, Indiana. The Sacred Reich set and the GWAR stage show were the highlights of the evening for me.

I reunited with my old friend The Metal Channel editor Roger Schultz to check out the GWAR/Sacred Reich show in Indianapolis, Indiana USA on November 5th 2019. After some hang time, we decided to start the evening by grabbing a bite to eat.

Kuma’s Corner (1127 Prospect Street) in Fountain Square, Indianapolis serves up the best gourmet burgers in the Hoosier State. It is heavy metal themed and they don’t hold back on the music. If you’re going to a show in Indy this is the place to check out beforehand.

We made our way to the venue with full bellies and we were pumped for the show. The Vogue (6259 North College Ave) is nestled in the heart of Broad Ripple in Indianapolis. We arrived as the line was forming so we made our way to the back of the building where we immediately ran into Sacred Reich’s rhythm guitarist Joey Radziwill.

After a short visit, we were greeted by Wiley Arnett, lead guitarist of Sacred Reich. He provided me the opportunity to conduct an interview (coming soon) before the show which was very much appreciated! Both of these guys are laid back and down to earth. Back to the line we went with our pre-purchased tickets and before long we were inside. After an hour of socializing and rummaging the merchandise tables, it was show time!

Against The Grain-

I wasn’t familiar with this band hailing from Detroit, Michigan but after the first couple of songs my thoughts were of Motorhead. This four piece band served it up hard and heavy from start to finish and they really worked their asses off!

Toxic Holocaust-

This power trio came out hot and fired up the crowd in no time. They played new and old material including ‘Nuke The Cross’ that worked the crowd into a frenzy. Joel Grind knows how to take command of the stage. The mosh pit was in full swing with quite a few crowd surfers popping up here and there close to the stage. It doesn’t surprise me that their new release, Primal Future: 2019, sold out almost instantly. I’m definitely looking out for these guys in the future.

Sacred Reich-

This band was immense from beginning to end. Playing some classics and mixing in new tunes from their first album in 23 years, Awakening. When they opened their set with the new song ‘Manifest Reality’, I knew I was in for something special. Phil Rind’s awesome vocals and stage presence set the tone. The crowd was hot and pumped, feeding off of the band. Joey Radziwill on rhythm guitar exuded total energy. Add to that Wiley Arnett’s screaming leads along with Dave McClain’s drumming and you have the ingredients for the magic that happened with Sacred Reich. This is a must see band!


Oh my God to say the least. The kings of ‘shock rock’ hit Indianapolis with a vengeance. Their stage show was “World Court” (people’s court) themed with different witnesses against GWAR including Caitlyn Jenner and Donald Trump look-a-likes. Their music was badass along with the spraying of the crowd. The Vogue was packed and the crowd was moshing, surfing and banging heads while getting drenched with ‘GWAR juice’. Some of the ‘GWAR juice’ landed 50 feet from the stage. Of course GWAR ‘won’ their court case as they ran out of witnesses to ‘execute’ including the judge. On the closing song, Balsac the Jaws of Death roamed the crowd with his guitar and ended up right next to me, I’m still in awe! This is not a show for minors.

Over all it was a hell of a night in Indianapolis, Indiana. The Sacred Reich set and the GWAR stage show were the highlights of the evening for me. I will definitely be checking these bands out in the future and I highly suggest you do the same… horns up! \m/


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