“So the new album is going to be called #Socialvangelism and the songs are based on the concept of what we see on social media every day. Whether it’s rampant sociological narcissism, whether it’s politics, we cover a lot of stuff on this one.”

Excerpted from the interview with Anita Malloy and Steve Pinkerton on August 10th, 2018.

Toy Called God have always pushed the boundaries and kept things real, even if it isn’t comfortable. Their new album #Socialvangelism is no exception, tackling the constant barrage of information, opinions, bullshit we see every day on social media, plus the effect it has on the human experience.  Like their last album, Dirt On Your Coffin, it looks both outward and more importantly inward in a way anyone can relate to.


Toy Called God Socialvangelism Tour

Anita: Hi Patrick, how’s it going?  Long time no talk!

Patrick: Hi, definitely!  Doing well!

Steve: Hi Patrick, good to hear from you.

Anita: So we’re going to be talking about some songs off the Dirt On Your Coffin album, it’s the current one that you were wanting to talk about?

Patrick: Well, ideally we could talk about the new one #Socialvangelism. We could talk about Dirt On Your Coffin too, hopefully everyone already has it. We’ve got the new one coming in September so we can answer all of it at once. It’ll be amazing!

Anita: What are some of the songs on the new album? Are there any that you can talk about or the inspirations for them?

Patrick: Oh for sure. So the new album is going to be called #Socialvangelism and the songs are based on the concept of what we see on social media every day. Whether it’s rampant sociological narcissism, whether it’s politics, we cover a lot of stuff on this one.

Steve: What are the tour plans to support the new album when it comes out? Sticking mainly to the US or possibly international?

Patrick: I would like to go international but for that we’re going to require some support. So for now the current tour starts on Sept 21st in Modesto, jets to the east coast, then runs back to the west coast. Of course we’re going to hit a bunch of places in between. I’ll be posting up posters with dates and locations real soon but it starts in Modesto and the Bay Area.

Toy Called God Tour

Steve: What would you say is your main haunt in Modesto/SoCal?

Patrick: In SoCal I’d have to say it’s the Rainbow but we’re mainly a Bay Area band. Since we’re in the San Francisco Bay Area there are so many places I love to play here. I couldn’t even begin to list them all.

Anita: But to be clear, you’re down to play anywhere?

Patrick: Oh yeah, we have no reservations throwing down just about anywhere!

Anita: So you’re the vocalist in Toy Called God?

Patrick: I am the guitarist. Marcus is the vocalist, Damian is the bassist and Jacob is the drummer.

Anita: Ah ok, I was listening and thinking whoa, you’ve developed some great vocals man!

Patrick: Marcus’ voice is something to be reckoned with, the guy can sing!

Anita: I agree! I always thought that you were the vocalist.

Patrick: No ma’am, I have a guy for that.

(Everyone laughs.)

Anita: Ok, the song “Dirt On Your Coffin”, the title track. What is that song about?

Patrick: That song is about how throughout our lives we meet people and they affect us. We learn to trust people, we get close to people and then they fuck you. Then when they fuck you, you cut them loose. That song is about tossing dirt on the dead bodies I’ve cut loose.

Anita: Burying all the bullshit, basically.

Patrick: Totally, just tossing dirt on that coffin and leaving them in the dirt.

Steve: The song I want to touch on off that album is “False Prophet”.

Patrick: Oh yeah, that’s a good one too!

Steve: In particular what I was getting from that one, especially watching the video, no audio but just the visual. The first thing that came to mind was Donnie Darko. With the “good guy/protagonist” realizing that they were the bad guy.

Patrick: Exactly, that’s totally a huge part of it. Especially for the video, that concept was very prevalent. I don’t think that I ever drew the connection to Donnie Darko until you just mentioned it but yeah that’s pretty spot on. The person in the video starts to realize that he’s seeing the devil within himself.

Steve: Exactly, self loathing.

Patrick: So yeah, good analysis! Some of the song is also us doing what we do, which is thumb our noses at any organized religion. So we combined the inner struggle with that struggle and just made the video and had fun with it.

Anita: “Numb in a Bottle” is the song that I had some visualizations with.

Patrick: Right on.

Anita: When I listened to it, I thought of waking up in a desert. The rhythm had me visualizing a coach traveling through no man’s land. Just trying to collect a moment of sanity in a bottle of Jack. I don’t know how else to describe it. Waking up to a rattlesnake or something perhaps?

Patrick: It’s a powerful song about life and how we deal with it, what our coping mechanisms are. I know a lot of people that use music for their coping mechanism, others use exercise, some use religion and some use alcohol. Another group of people use drugs. We all have coping mechanisms, some are good and some are bad. That song is about the bad.

Anita: Drinking yourself numb in this case.

Patrick: Right. If you watch the video, we had the woman drink herself to death. So it’s basically that concept but also for any coping mechanism used to excess. At it’s root, it’s a song about running and hiding from your decisions.

Steve: I can see the tie-in between that song and “False Prophet” too.

Patrick: We generally try to make the albums all have one cohesive seal, one underlying theme.

Steve: Don’t run from your problems and be true to yourself otherwise it’ll get you in the end. Your worst enemy within yourself.

Patrick: That’s it and we just write songs from moments that we live. We’re not out here writing about fantasy and bullshit like that. We’re singing about every day and I generally find that it’s easier for people to relate to things if it’s real. If they can hear something and go “Damn, I totally feel what these dudes are saying!”

Steve: Right.

Patrick: The game is a connection, right? So we’re trying to connect with everybody that we can. The easiest way that I know of to connect with people is to just lay the truth out there.

Anita: Yeah, absolutely.

Steve: Do you have any recommendations for stand-out tracks off the new album?

Patrick: Holy smokes, there’s like six singles on it! I’m so stoked, it’s crazy! We’re going to start off with a duet titled “Just You and Me” and then we’re going to release a song titled “She”. There’s also a really cool Beetles cover on there and there’s some more stuff that’s definitely Toy Called God. You’ll hear it and think “Oh yeah, that’s definitely Toy Called God, cool!” There’s a few songs where we took a little bit of a trip with stretching them as far as we could to reach as many people possible. So that was the plan and we’re going to drop the duet first. I’m  really excited about that song! It’s got a lot of harmonies between our vocalist Marcus and our guest vocalist Melissa Mari, it’s really incredible.

Steve: Awesome! Thanks for taking the time to do the interview Patrick. We’ll definitely have to touch base when you release the new album!

Patrick: Thank you for taking the time and the interest plus the support!

Anita: Thank you, good to hear from you again!

Toy Called God are:

Marcus Lance – Vocals
Jacob Baptista – Drums
Damian Lewin – Bass
Patrick Donovan – Guitar

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