“I’m gonna make a new record and I’ve got to start thinking about it but I really haven’t put too much time into it yet.”

My first live show in two years and the juices were flowing. I fell into that rut of familiarity rather quickly and knew my concert experience wouldn’t be complete without an interview. The show behind the show is really what makes metal great. I really hadn’t spoken with Prong front man, Tommy Victor, since the No Absolutes tour. I reached out hoping for the best but expecting the worst. It turns out the Metal Gods were on my side.

Tommy texted me back and we met up at the bar in the back of the venue. Since it was too hard to converse with Overkill on stage we headed backstage to The Forge‘s ‘green room’.

Please enjoy some excerpts from my 3/10/22 interview with Prong’s Tommy Victor!

David Halbe: You’re my first interview in two years with all this shit going on.

Tommy Victor: That’s great!

Dave: So how has it been on the road?

Tommy: Well, we did a tour with Black Label Society, that took us to Chicago about three months ago.

Dave: Ok.

Tommy: That was really good. This tour has been great as well (with Overkill) we’re glad we got added to this.

Dave: Yes, it seems like a successful tour. There’s a lot of people out there tonight.

Tommy: For sure, a lot of good tours so far this year. You know, I just moved back to New York.

Dave: No kidding? Back on the East Coast, back in CBGB land, did you see that documentary?

(Burning Down the House: The Story of CBGB, 2009 ‧ Documentary)

Tommy: No but I saw the movie.

(CBGB, 2013 · Drama)

Dave: Oh yea, what did you think of it?

Tommy: Terrible.

Dave: I thought so too. So, what’s it like out there on the road?

Tommy: It’s harder than ever right now with the restrictions, gas prices and everything. We’ve been lucky so far, we got out there with Black Label and then these guys (Overkill) asked us out, touring with them for a couple weeks. I honestly don’t know right now what we’re gonna do after this. I’ve got some stuff with Danzig coming up in May (5/5 – 5/19).

Dave: I was gonna ask about that, what’s going on with them?

Tommy: Just two weeks.

Dave: What just festival shows?

Tommy: No, he’s doing one big headlining tour, at some larger clubs.

Dave: You guys get together and practice yet?

Tommy: No, not yet.

Dave: But that’s coming?

Tommy: Yes, usually we get together for like four or five days.

Dave: That’s cool so what’s going on with Prong now? Your deal with Steamhammer? Is that up now?

Tommy: No. We’ve got two more with them.

Dave: Kick ass! So, what’s the deal there, any new material?

Tommy: I’m gonna make a new record and I’ve got to start thinking about it but I really haven’t put too much time into it yet.

Dave: I’m looking forward to it, your song writing is fantastic.

Tommy: Well, I appreciate that. You know I put a lot of time into it. Right now, I still have to find a producer and whatnot, there’s still a lot to be done.

Dave: So, you’re not in a hurry?

Tommy: I was supposed to be in a hurry but not currently.

Dave: (Laughs) I get it. Isn’t that how it always is though?

Tommy: (Laughs)

Dave: So, you’ve got a new drummer now? I saw Arturo “ArtCruz joined Lamb Of God.

Tommy: Griffin McCarthy, we just landed him, so far, he’s been fantastic.

Dave: That’s great. I also saw Jason (Jason Christopher – Bass) is back in the band.

Tommy: Yea, Jason has been in and out of the band for years. He’s great, I need him.

Dave: Awesome, for awhile I thought he might be moving on.

Tommy: Yea, he gets other gigs and then he gets fired from them.

Both: (Laughs).

Dave: So, you’re the only one who can tolerate him?

Tommy: Exactly!

Dave: Hey, that’s fair. So, has touring put you in the mode to write?

Tommy: It’s hard to say man. I mean, I think we’re going to hang out in New York for a bit, maybe get some of that old school New York vibe.

Dave: You still got a lot of friends out there?

Tommy: No, not really. Griffin McCarthy our new drummer lives about ten minutes from me.

Dave: So, you just moved back?

Tommy: Yea, I just moved like a month ago.

Dave: From Arizona, no wait, California?

Tommy: Right. My wife got a job, I have new baby.

Dave: Holy crap! Congratulations!

Tommy: Thanks. So he’s twenty months old.

Dave: Was that a problem hitting the road with the Mrs. back at work and a new baby?

Tommy: Yes, it was a very big problem. That was one of the reasons we had to move back to New York. So our families could watch the baby and help out.

Roger Schultz (Editor – The Metal Channel): Last time we talked to Tommy he was like, I ain’t gonna be having no babies!

Tommy: That’s right.

Dave: Well, there you go. I think it’s awesome.

Tommy: Yea, he’s great. I love him. Tommy Victor Jr.

Dave: That’s really cool. The name will carry on. That’s fantastic.

Tommy: (Smiles) I’ll be teaching him guitar soon.

Roger: The last time I saw your band perform you guys came out to the intro “Earache My Eye” by Cheech and Chong.

Tommy: (Laughs) Yea, I remember doing that!

Roger: How about a single with a big rolling paper?

All: (Laugh)

Tommy: No man, I don’t smoke. I know some big pot guys, but I don’t do anything anymore.

Dave: Not since the Pantera days!

Tommy: Probably…

All: (Laugh)

Tommy: We were just talking about that tour not too long ago actually.

Roger: Ever think of covering “Earache My Eye”?

Tommy: I don’t think so but it’s definitely a great riff. Didn’t somebody do a cover of it?

Dave: Yep, Korn.

Roger: If you did do the cover would you consider wearing a pink tutu?

All: (Laugh)

Tommy: No but Tony Campos (Antonio Campos – Bass Static-X and Fear Factory, former Prong bassist) would be great for that. He kind of looks like him. (Cheech Marin)

Dave: That would be hilarious! So, how many more dates do you have on this tour?

Tommy: What’s today, Thursday?

Dave: Yea.

Tommy: So, there’s like another eight shows. It’s not a long tour.

Dave: That’s not bad. Seeing this crowd tonight, I’ll bet you sell out some shows.

Tommy: We’ll see, attendance hasn’t been bad on this tour.

Dave: Anything planned for Europe? I know you’re big over there.

Tommy: Not at this time, we wanted to see how this drummer worked out first.

Dave: Got it. Are you planning on recording with this guy?

Tommy: Yea, I’m thinking about it. He’s in a couple of other bands, we’ll see what happens.

Dave: I noticed you changed the set-list up a bit. Did you do that because you’re touring with Overkill?

Tommy: No I just wanted to bring some stuff up and change things up a bit.

Dave: It was a solid set. It had everyone going, don’t you think?

Tommy: Yea, I loved it. It was a good set.

Dave: Agreed. It went over really well.

Tommy: Thanks!

Dave: Well, thanks again Tommy. Congratulations!

Tommy: Thanks Dave, good to see you!



  • Tommy Victor – Guitar, Vocals
  • Jason Christopher – Bass
  • Griffin McCarthy – Drums
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