“We just got to keep things rolling, it’s what we do and we love what we do.”

Sometimes three really is a charm. That’s the number of  times I have tried to interview Brazilian death metal legends Krisiun but something has always gotten in the way. I will admit I got into the band late. The Great Execution and the song “Blood of Lions” caught my attention. I cursed myself as I delved into the band’s venomous back catalogue unearthing death metal gems like Southern Storm, Conquerors of Armageddon and Black Force Domain. I devoured them all with reckless abandon. I couldn’t believe a band with a sound this full was only a three-piece!

The first interview opportunity arrived when Krisiun was opening for Septicflesh on ‘The Great Mass Tour’. I made arrangements through the band’s label to meet with them but the interview never happened.

About a year later Krisiun played with Destruction and Exmortus. I made arrangements again and actually ran into guitarist, Moyses Kolesne, at Reggie’s prior to the event. He was aware of the interview and even agreed to do it but his food arrived just as we were going to step out. Not to begrudge anyone a hot meal, I promised to catch up with him later but unfortunately never saw him again.

Krisiun played through one more time supporting Forged in Fury on ‘The Devastation on the Nation Tour’ but family obligations kept me away. So when I heard Krisiun were playing the Summer Slaughter tour a hoard of bloodthirsty barbarians couldn’t have kept me away. I was a man on a mission. Krisiun is a band I respect, I had to get that interview!

Luckily, the moon and stars aligned for me on this one. I was able to meet with Krisiun bassist/vocalist, Alex Camargo! Please enjoy some excerpts of our August 3rd, 2016 interview where we discuss Summer Slaughter, music videos and paying homage to Black Sabbath.


David Halbe: Welcome to Chicago.

Alex Camargo: Thank you!

Dave: What made the Summer Slaughter tour right for Krisiun?

Alex: Well, actually we were surprised when we got invited in. This tour is fucking awesome. The line-up has been fucking awesome. We’ve been working hard. We’ve been touring constantly. Either between albums or after albums, last year we were here co-headlining ‘The Devastation on the Nation tour’ and we did alright so we just got invited in, it was a great move, we were so happy about it. If you look at this line-up you can’t get any better than that. We are really happy to be here. We’ve been having a great time.

Dave: How’s the turnout been?

Alex: Fucking good man.

Dave: I believe it, it’s a Wednesday night, look at this place!

Alex: Fuck yeah, Summer Slaughter is definitely a great time, a great tour, we are so proud about it.

Dave: Hell yeah. You guys just released a couple of videos for the songs “Scars of the Hatred” and “Hatred Inherit” (Lyric and Live Videos for the “Ways of Barbarism”) What can you tell me about those experiences? 

Alex: Well, this latest album came out kind of late last year (Forged in Fury) and some of these videos are mandatory but we did do this tour with Cannibal Corpse in Europe a couple of months ago and it was a similar kind of deal, big venues, lots of people. We know this guy from Germany who runs a website. He likes to record bands, he’s got all the gear so he brought it to a show to shoot some stuff and we got it done.


Dave: Awesome.

Alex: Yeah, we had an opportunity and we took it. I think it came out alright.

Dave: I think so, better even.

Alex: When you do shit live, it’s straight up, it’s all very noble.

Dave: I agree. What’s the value of a music video today?

Alex: It is valuable, I mean, you’ve got to do it. Like I said earlier the record labels are always asking for something. They want you to do a video, to promote the album but I definitely think they are worth it. It’s not the bottom line, the bottom line is the music but anything else you do helps, videos or touring, helps to promote that work, move things forward, you know? It’s a very important part of the whole process but it requires a combination of all. 

Dave: Why did you guys do a video for “Hatred Inherit” off Conquerors of Armageddonwhich is a 16-year-old song?

Alex: I know, man, but the kids have been asking for it, especially the old-school kids.


Dave: Kick ass!

Alex: You know man, we’ve been on the road like twenty years and these new fans, they don’t know what we did that long ago and they were asking for it. It allows us to demonstrate a balance between the old stuff and the new so we felt we should bring an old song along and give it life again. We are old-school guys you know?

Dave: Fuck yeah!

Alex: So we wanted to bring something back.

Dave: That’s totally credible. What was the thought process behind the Black Sabbath “Electric Funeral” cover you included on Forged in Fury?

Alex: Oh man! We love Black Sabbath, we had to do it. It’s such a killer song. It’s an anthem, a heavy metal anthem. Us three (Krisiun), we are like a jamming band and ever since we first got together we’d play cover songs.

Dave: I noticed you guys have done that on every album as well. You’ve covered Sepultura, Sodom, Kreator, Venom, Morbid Angel, Motörhead, Slayer. What makes paying homage so important to Krisun?

Alex: We grew up with those bands and they are very important to us. We grew up with Black Sabbath, Morbid Angel and Venom, all these bands and in a way we felt like we owed them, they’ve started this all up and we can only try to carry it on. We felt like we needed to pay tribute, for fun, it’s fun to cover these classic songs that showed us the way.

Dave: What’s up next for Krisiun after this current tour?

Alex: Well, right after this tour, we’re going to go home for a week.

Dave: Only a week, that’s it, a fucking week! (laughs) Man, you guys are road warriors!

Alex: (Laughs) That’s the job man. Then we’re going over to Europe to do some festivals, just a short run. Then we’ll be back home for a month then we’re going back to Europe for a tour with Dark Funeral.

Dave: Krisun and Dark Funeral kick ass!

Alex: Once we finish up touring for this last album we’ll start writing the next one. I’m thinking like early next year.

Dave: How far along are you guys with the new material, are you at a riffing stage yet?

Alex: We’ve got a couple of great ideas but we’ve really just got to get together and just start jamming things out, you know?

Dave: Fuck yeah.

Alex: We just got to keep things rolling, it’s what we do and we love what we do.

Dave: Thanks for your time today, Alex.

Alex: Thank you man, thanks for supporting Krisiun!

Krisiun are:

    • Alex Camargo – Bass, Vocals
    • Max Kolesne – Drums
    • Moyses Kolesne – Guitars
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