“We’re not in a rush right now. We’re looking for a label that can serve as a home for the group. We don’t need to sign just to sign. We’re going to sign with someone who wants to push in the direction we want to be at.”

I think it’s fair to say that we dismiss things we do not understand. Since most people don’t like extreme music they reject it as a passing fad. They do not view it as a lifestyle. They cannot comprehend the camaraderie or creativity it brings.

Honestly, I like that narrow minded mentality. Stay away! I like living in a world you’re not a part of. A place where music can be intense and whether it’s technical death metal or horrorcore rap if the masses don’t like it, I’m on board.

Kissing Candice is rebellion come to life, fusing horror, hip hop and metal into a murderous reflection of everything wrong with society. I recently had the opportunity to speak to the band prior to their 2/11/17 show. Please enjoy some excerpts of that interview where we discuss the Year of the Killers tour, leaving Victory Records and Insane Clown Posse.


David Halbe: How did the ‘Year of the Killer’s’ tour happen? What made this tour right for Kissing Candice?

Mike Grippo: Well, we got hit up by Waylon’s camp and asked to do this. We were really excited about the idea and we loved it. We hopped right on. No questions asked (laughs) well, maybe a couple of questions.

Joey Simpson: We’re big fans of Mushroomhead as well as Waylon and his past work.

Tommy Sciro: We love Waylan’s music, he’s been killing it every night and we’re glad to be out with him.

Dave: What happened with Victory Records?

Joey: It was a mutual agreement between us and the label.

Mike: There’s no bad blood.

Joey: Yea definitely, there’s no bad blood. It was kind of like a mutual thing.

Dave: So is the band looking for a new label now?

Joey: Sometime in the future. Yes, we will be.

Dave: So what’s the status of your new material? That’s what you guys were working towards before this went down?

Tommy: You guys are pretty good, this is impressive actually. Nobody we’ve spoken to has been able to figure this out.

Dave: Thanks, I’ve been following Kissing Candice for a couple of years now,  I pay attention.

Joey: There is new music, we’re just still working to complete it. By the way, this is our new guitar player, (Nig Suffront), he took Walt’s place.

Dave: Awesome! Glad to meet you.  So, can you guys still use “Taken”, the song you released thru Victory back in August?

Tommy: We can play it.

Joey: Yea, we still play it.

Mike: We’re playing it tonight.

Dave: But you can’t release it again on anything?

Everyone: No.

Joey: We’ll let them (Victory Records) keep that.

Dave: So how far are you with the new release?

Mike: The new material is basically complete. We’re just working on some final stuff to see what we’re going to do with it, the details and whatnot.

Joey: So no release date yet, nothing like that.

Tommy: Yea, we’re still working on the polish and everything.

Dave: Everything is going forward though?

Everyone: Yes!

Tommy: Full speed ahead.

Dave: Fuck yea!  So you recently released a physical copy of your first two Eps?

Tommy: We just kept getting asked. They were never released as any physical copy, they were only digital and you had to use download cards. People just kept asking for it so we decided to do a limited release first and just see how it goes.

Joey: We’ll probably re-release it.

Mike: But it will be different. That first press was hand numbered and signed, it had different packaging so that first press will just be limited.

Dave: That’s going to end up on Ebay for like 500 bucks.

Everyone: (Laughs)

Dave: Trust me, it will. So how was it playing ICP’s The Day of the Juggalos?

Tommy: That was insane.

Mike: Yes, it was insane. We had a great time. We haven’t had a bad experience with the juggalo stuff yet, ya know?

Dave: Is it dangerous? Do you gotta watch your ass at that fest?

Everyone: No!

Joey: We totally love that stuff and being a part of it but at the same time we’re not.

Mike: We totally respect that and love it. In a way that’s like their slogan for that stuff and it’s so true they’ve got respect for all our stuff, they are willing to give back. They get a bad rap and it’s totally for no reason. Other than if you don’t like their music and that’s fine.

Dave: So would you play that festival again?

Everyone: Yes!

Dave: I heard you were one of 17 confirmed groups playing the Juggalo March in Washington?

Mike: Yes.

Dave: Are you excited about that?

Tommy: Totally.

Dave: Would you ever consider signing with a label like Psychopathic Records?

Joey: If the offers were right and the promotion was right, we’d consider it.

Dave: I think you’d crossover with those crowds no problem.

Mike: We can but what we’d need to consider though is can they and will they make our image and brand what we want. That should be the most important thing to anybody. If they do things the correct way, sell our image the right way, that’s who we want to work with.

Dave: I agree with that 100%.

Mike: We’re not in a rush right now. We’re looking for a label that can serve as a home for the group. We don’t need to sign just to sign. We’re going to sign with someone who wants to push in the direction we want to be at.

Dave: That is an excellent mentality to have. So what’s up next for the group?

Mike: We’ve got a couple of home shows and some things are being looked at right now.

Joey: We’ll be announcing soon but it has to do with Juggalos. I can let you in on that much.

Dave: Kick ass!

Joey: I think you’ll be hearing more when the announcement comes in early March. Just keep your eyes out for that.

Dave: Thanks for your time guys!

Everyone: Thank you!

Kissing Candice are:

  • Nig Suffront – Guitars
  • Michael Pak – Drums
  • Joey Simpson – Vocals
  • Tommy Sciro– Guitars
  • Mike Grippo – Bass


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