“As we get bigger our stage show hopefully gets bigger, and we hope to have a Rob Zombie kind of production in our set, really incorporate everything about horror that we love, one big Halloween party”

Horror movies and extreme music are like potato chips and beer; it’s hard to stop after just one. This marriage of extremes has been a viable commodity as long as I can remember. I vividly recall checking out horror films like 1985’s Creepers/Phenomena, starring Jennifer Connelly and Donald Pleasance, as a kid because I knew Iron Maiden and Goblin contributed to the soundtrack.

Kissing Candice from Long Island, NY offers a new take on horror and metal. Sure, there are other bands out there who wear masks but they don’t appreciate the inner workings of the macabre like Kissing Candice.

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Walter Dichristina and Joey Simpson at this year’s Mayhem Fest where we discussed the origins of the band name, haunted houses, The Evil Dead and what’s up next for the group. Please enjoy some excerpts of our 7/12/15 interview…

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David Halbe: Welcome to Tinley Park, how’s the current tour been so far?

Joey Simpson: Amazing. Simply amazing, one of the best tours we’ve ever been on, great bands, great people.

Dave: What are the origins of the band name?

Joey: I’ll just give you a quick rundown. Candice was actually this girl I went to high school with, I kissed her one time and nothing came of it. We lost touch over the years but I found her a couple of years ago on Facebook and she’s just what a perfect family should be, you know married with kids, house with a white picket fence. That’s was it, I kissed Candice and that’ it, that’s the story in a nutshell, based on a real life girl.

Dave: You just finished a tour with rappers Twiztid and now you’re touring with metal bands on Mayhem Fest do you feel that you’re a group that can transcend most musical genres?

Walter Dichristina: Yes, I mean, as far as things go musically, especially with the new album, it’s very genre friendly. The Twisted fans were also very accepting of us. I think most fans of anything extreme find it hard not to relate and get behind a group if they can see what you are doing is real and from the heart.

Dave: Very true. I read that some members of the band assist in the design and building of haunted houses?

(Joey opens his vest to expose a shirt from the Haunted Mansion of Melleville)

Joey: I’ve been building haunted houses for almost ten years now, out on Long Island and that’s really where my love of horror comes from aside from movies and stuff that was my inspiration where I could really incorporate horror and theatrics. As we get bigger our stage show hopefully gets bigger, and we hope to have a Rob Zombie kind of production in our set, really incorporate everything about horror that we love, one big Halloween party.

Walt: (Nods)

Dave: That would be fucking awesome.

Joey: Yes sir.

Dave:  I noticed you’ve got a song called “Shop Smart”, a homage to the Evil Dead I assume?

Joey: For sure.

Dave: Do you prefer the original or the remake?

Joey: I mean, nothing’s gonna beat the original…

Walt: (Nods)

Joey: But the remake was great. I give it two thumbs up.

Walt: (Nods)

Joey: The remakes that are coming out today are killing me, like Ghostbusters, I’m a huge Ghostbusters fan but with an all-female cast? I’ve gotta watch it cuz I’m a Ghostbusters fan but does that mean I’m gonna be happy about it?

Walt: (Nods – No)

Joey: Not really, I’d rather have Bill Murray than Jenny what’s her name?

Dave: Melissa McCarthy?

Joey: Yeah, than her, I mean, I’ll still check it out but you know? Bout the Evil Dead remake, the story sorta plays against the whole Bruce Campbell character theme.

Dave: Yea, that’s kinda what I thought. What’s up next for the band?

Joey: We have Rock and Shock Fest up in Worchester, Massachusetts. It’s like a horror convention setup with live music and we’ve been talking about some other tours and stuff, can’t really put a finger on it yet, we just know we’re gonna be moving forward, pushing the new album.

Dave: Have any videos been planned for the new release?

Walt: We actually have a video coming out on Monday.

Dave: Really? What song is it for?

Joey: “Put Em’ Up”, out tomorrow July 13th. We also did a video previously for the song “Ghosted” so check that one out as well.

Dave: There you have it, Kissing Candice!



Kissing Candice are:

  • Nephew – Guitars
  • Michael Pak – Drums
  • Joey Simpson – Vocals
  • Tommy Sciro– Guitars
  • Mike Grippo – Bass


This article was originally published 8/18/15 by Metalrecusants.com


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