“Until Victory [Records] says ‘Hey guys this is it, it’s over’ then we’ll just play festivals whenever they are available or someone wants us to.”

I often contemplate what inspires a musician to keep going. Hunger is supposedly the best motivator and fighting an uphill battle certainly breeds creativity, but what makes the road inviting when you are older with a family waiting back at home? Although success has many levels, I think the greatest motivator for a musician is to play. Hitting the road means keeping those songs, albums, and memories alive, but most importantly the dream.

Jungle Rot is a band who has kept that dream alive for a long time. The last few years with Victory Records have raised the group’s overall visibility and I hope that trend continues. I recently had the opportunity to speak with J-Rot guitarist Geoff Bub during the Metal Alliance Tour.


David Halbe: Can you give me any insight as to why the “Doomsday” video was initially banned?

Geoff Bub: That’s something that shocked me as well. They never really gave me an explanation so I don’t know.

Dave: Was there anything you shot that you were like ‘Man, I don’t think this is gonna fly?’

Geoff: The video didn’t seem to have anything risky like that. I saw the first version of it and I don’t remember anything like that, it’s gone now so I can’t go back and look. It was basically a preview, I think it was on a Victory website but they let us have a preview and said ‘Hey, we want you make some changes’ or whatever ‘we need you to do this or that.’

Dave: So you guys were more or less happy with the original cut?

Geoff: Well, no. We had them make some changes but it wasn’t anything pertained to anything. I honestly don’t remember seeing anything like that but it must have raised a fucking flag somewhere.

Dave: Hey, you guys got some free publicity out of that. Does the band have any dates scheduled after Metal Alliance?

Geoff: I don’t think I can announce anything yet [laughs] but we’re going to have some shit going on, most definitely. We’re going to try and get out of the country a little bit. You’ve got to stay on the website and on Facebook, you’ve got to watch because I can’t divulge that sensitive information yet.

Dave: Maryland Deathfest is getting close (May 26th) are you excited?

Geoff: Hell yeah! It’s our first time getting to play that fest. I’m not going to speculate as to why it took so long but we’re really happy we’re going to be there. That’s going to be a fun show and I think it’s long overdue, I hope they eat us up there.

Dave: I noticed you opened the Metal Alliance Tour in Baltimore at the Soundstage and you’re playing that same stage at Maryland Deathfest, kind of weird huh?

Geoff: [Laughs] Yeah, like a warm-up for us. We thought the same thing when we were there.


Dave: Are you bummed you’ve only got one day there?

Geoff: Yea, I know Jimmy [Genenz – Bassist] was really looking forward to staying for the whole thing.

Dave: Yea, he said something about that.

Geoff: But you know I’m a parent now. It’s tough for me to say ‘Hey, I’m going to Maryland Deathfest for a whole weekend’, you know? It’s tough for me to do that but if I was younger and I didn’t have those responsibilities, yeah for sure. [Laughs] It would be cool to maybe have one more day, just to see some people I haven’t seen in a while but we’ve got to be moving on.

Dave: Has any new material been discussed, have you heard anything from Victory?

Geoff: I haven’t heard anything about a second record deal but I’m thinking if we wrote another album Dave [Matrise – Guitars/Vocals] and I have about forty riffs recorded right now.

Dave: So you are thinking about some new stuff?

Geoff: Man, we’ve got a ton of leftovers. We’ve got leftovers going back to What Horror Awaits and I hate to mention that album because it had nothing to do with Victory but we’ve got leftovers going back that far. We’ve got leftovers from Kill on Command, we’ve got leftovers from Terror [Regime] and Dave’s always got an idea, whenever I hear him fiddling with something I know to hit the record button.

Dave: Kick ass!

Geoff: That’s what we start off with now for every album and I think that’s why our releases are getting better and better. We live with these riffs now. Sometimes, I’ll be in the van and I’ll start tapping something on the steering wheel and he’ll (Dave Matise) recognize it and say something like ‘That’s that riff!” and I’ll be like ‘Yeah, let’s see what we can do with it’ and then we’ll go out and put something together. We’ll see what happens this summer. I don’t know if we’re going to hit Europe or not but if we are not doing much we are definitely going to get together, why waste time?

Dave: For sure, you’ve got to strike while the iron is hot.

Geoff: I’d like to think if we had an album ready to go Victory would release it.

Dave: I think so too.

Geoff: I would hope they would because it’s going to be a great album. The riffs we are fucking around with are slamming.

Dave: I believe it. You guys have been on fire.

Geoff: We just got to keep it rolling.

Dave: For sure. How’d you guys hook up with drummer Parker Yowell?

Geoff: He was a drum tech for Kevin Talley of Suffo [Suffocation]. We’ve just see him around. He’s pretty active in the scene and knows everybody. He’s just a mellow guy who tries really hard. When we were doing Mayhem Festival we were talking to Ben [Harclerode – Drums] from Whitechapel and he and Parker were hanging out together, Parker was actually taking some lessons from him. He’s always advertising ‘I’m an available drummer.’

Dave: Yes! I saw that on Facebook.

Geoff: That stuff goes a long way. It takes balls to say ‘Hey, I wanna get out there and do it’ This is his first tour, first full time tour and he’s crushing it. I mean, you saw him tonight?

Dave: Yea, he was pretty sick.

Geoff: And this is only like his fourth show ever on a real tour, you’ve got to give the guy some credit.

Dave: I do, is he filling in for the whole tour?

Geoff: Yep, he’s drumming the whole tour.

Dave: The music world is filled artistic turnover, how is it you’ve managed to stay with the same band so many years?

Geoff: Is eleven years a long time?

Dave: Fuck yea! You don’t think so?

Geoff: I don’t know. I look at people like Dave [Matrise] and he’s got me doubled up, Decide has got me tripled up.

Dave: Wouldn’t you put in that kind of time?

Geoff: Oh yeah, we’re riding this out to the end absolutely. Until Victory says ‘Hey guys this is it, it’s over’ then we’ll just play festivals whenever they are available or someone wants us to.

Dave: Do you think Jungle Rot will headline a tour next release?

Geoff: We’ve actually had a lot of discussions about that. We’re just going to get another album out and keep doing what we’re doing. I almost feel like we could have done a double disc with some of the last stuff, a Kill on Command, Terror Regime double disc. Maybe it just seems like that to me because all of that material was written so fast, together. I’d love to do a double disc by the way maybe we’ll do something like that with the next one, the last double disc I remember was Rush.

Dave: You guys need a new live DVD or Blu-Ray, I was telling Jimmy, the live in Germany release was years ago.

Geoff: I don’t think anybody would want to see a DVD but we’d love to do a reality show!

Dave: My god! That would be hilarious!

Geoff: I want to get Ted Nugent and Dave Matrise together because they both love hunting so much, they are identical thinkers, think about it, how epic would that be?

Dave: That would be insanely crazy.

Geoff: I would love to see that man! Somebody out there has got to buy into it.

Dave: Have you seen Ted’s show? He had people puking and shit!

Geoff: I’m thinking just a couple episodes. In one episode they could teach me how to hunt. I’ve never hunted anything in my life. That would be so weird ‘Ok Geoff, now you’ve got to skin this thing’ and I’d be like ‘AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!’

Dave: (Laughs) Hell yeah me too! I’m not doing that!

Geoff: Think about a show like that on television. That would be fun!  This band can go anywhere and do anything if we put our minds to it. We’re a better team and we put the time in. 

Dave: Thanks for your time tonight Geoff, I appreciate it.

Geoff: No Problem man, good to see you.

Jungle Rot are:
• Dave Matrise – Guitars & Vocals
Geoff Bub – Guitars
James Genenz – Bass

This article was originally published 5/21/16 by Metalrecusants.com
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