“They made a gift for me when I finished at the hairdresser school, it was a T-shirt with the writing Lena Scissorhands. Since that day it has become my nickname.”

I discovered Infected Rain when I reviewed a music video for the song “Orphan Soul”. This anthem, found on the band’s third full length effort 86, touched me. A powerful blend of music and emotion, the message and theme became entranced in my mind. Enduring music with solid melodic expressions is what makes metal great and Infected Rain seems well versed in this formula. I decided to contact the band and delve a little further into what made them tick.

Please enjoy some excepts of my 8/7/17 interview with Infected Rain vocalist Lena ‘Scissorhands’ where we discuss the origins of the band’s name, Lena’s nickname and the “Orphan Soul” music video…

David Halbe: Is female fronted metal a fad or the future?

Lena Scissorhands: I would say we should all stop thinking there is a difference, especially when we talk about art or music. There are such great artists in the world, some are female some are male, some are young, some old, what does it matter?

Dave: Where did the ‘Scissorhands’ nickname originate? What do the scissors tattooed on your shoulders represent?

Lena: When I was 16 I finished school for professional hairdressers, I really needed a job so I decided to do that although I was still in school. It was not easy doing both, but I had a lot of help from my friends and family. They made a gift for me when I finished at the hairdresser school, it was a T-shirt with the writing Lena Scissorhands. Since that day it has become my nickname. I’ve worked as a hair and make-up artist for over 10 years and I feel like it’s the perfect nickname. My scissors tattoos are also because of that.

Dave: Does social medial help or hinder an aspiring artist?

Lena: I genuinely think it only helps. It helps you be closer to your fans. I personally, try my best to answer every message and email I get from my fans.

Dave: The “Orphan Soul” video had a tragic appeal that many can universally relate to, who came up with the concept?

Lena: The idea of the video is based exclusively on the lyrics so both the band and the director who filmed the video agreed that we should just stick to that.

Dave: Where can fans purchase the 86 album? What formats are being offered?

Lena: Physical copies can be purchased through our website (www.infectedrain.com). Digital copies are available at internet stores (www.amazon.com), you can also buy (www.infectedrain.bandcamp.com) 86 in FLAC format.

Dave: When can we expect some new material?

Lena: As soon as we have enough new songs for a full length album. We already have a couple of new songs we’re working on but it’s still too early to talk about the new record.

Dave: Do you have any live dates coming up you’d like to mention?

Lena: Our upcoming Fall tour! (See Dates Below)

Dave: Who came up with the Infected Rain name?

Lena: The name was invented by our guitar player Vidick, we all liked it.

Dave: Is ecological crisis a concern for the band?

Lena: Yes! We are definitely worried about our planet in general.

Dave: What does Infected Rain need to do to get signed?

Lena: Just be ourselves, promote our image and play more shows!

Dave: Do you think existing outside the mainstream has allowed you to develop your sound into something unique?

Lena: Probably, I’m trying to be 100% honest but working hard is really what gave us our sound!

INFECTED RAIN – Upcoming Tour Dates (Fall 2017):

Tue, Oct 10
9:00 PM
Club 13
Constana, Romania

Wed, Oct 11
10:00 PM
Varna Live Club
Varna, Bulgaria

Thurs, Oct 12
7:00 PM
Bourgas, Bulgaria

Sat, Oct 14
9:00 PM
Live & Loud
Sofia, Bulgaria

Mon, Oct 16
8:00 PM
Underground Club
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Wed, Oct 18
7:00 PM
Orto Bar
Ljubljana, Slovenia

Fri, Oct 20
10:00 PM
Rock Town
Cordenons, Italy

Sat, Oct 21
8:30 PM
Viper Room
Vienna, Austria

Sun, Oct 22
6:30 PM
Explosiv Graz
Graz, Austria

Mon, Oct 23
6:00 PM
Stereo Club
Klagenfurt, Austria

Thurs, Oct 26
8:00 PM
SENKEL: Ort des Geschehens
Stans, Switzerland

Sun, Oct 29
7:00 PM
Club Thing e.V.
Metzingen Kreis Reutlingen, Germany

Mon, Nov 6
8:30 PM
Das Bett
Frankfurt, Germany

Fri-Sat, Nov 10-11
9:00 PM
Ramses Club
Satu Mare, Romania

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