“I’d say the new record is more along the lines of “Beauty Under Glass” because John was really involved with helping us produce this record, every song. So that was a big part of this new record and you’re going to kind of hear that.”

Gabriel and the Apocalypse bring the Minneapolis thunder with self-reflection, unafraid to tackle personal issues and major problems with society head on. They are currently working on finishing their third studio album to be released early next year.

Excerpted from the interview with Anita Malloy and Steve Pinkerton.

Anita: Hi Lindy, how’s it going?

Lindy Gabriel: Great! How are you?

Anita: Doing awesome, we just got back not long ago from vacation.

Lindy: Awesome! We’re just finishing up our new record after touring with Mushroomhead.

Anita: Those guys are great, I used to have that band on my wall! Which album is that?

Lindy: It’s totally brand new, we recorded a whole new record. Ten new tracks so we’ll be done tracking it in the next couple of weeks. It’ll be released early next year.

Anita: How did the band come together?

Lindy Gabriel: It’s sort of a process, we’ve grown so much. We’ve had different band members here and there. We found ourselves back in 2011 releasing New World Disaster and started touring. We had been a band WELL before that but that’s when we found ourselves and our sound. It kind of took off from there.

Anita: Do you play frequently at any local clubs?

Lindy: We’re from Minneapolis so we play here maybe twice a year. We do a lot of touring and we just did the Mushroomhead tour. We’ve done a couple of tours with Wednesday 13, we’ve done a couple of tours with American Head Charge, so we don’t really. We might occasionally do a few shows like one-offs. Right now we’re just trying to save it for touring, get in that mindset of get in the bus and go.

Anita: I’ve got Steve with The Metal Channel here with me also.

Lindy: Hey what’s up!

Steve: How goes! Go big or go home when it comes to shows, right?

Lindy: Oh yeah, completely, you have no idea!

(everyone laughs)

Steve: It’s cool that you mentioned American Head Charge. I haven’t heard that name since I was in high school.

Lindy: Right? We’re from Minneapolis and that’s where Head Charge is out of so we kind of grew up with them around. Back in 2011 we did a tour with them and then in 2013 or 14 we did another tour with them as well. I did backup vocals on the track “Sugars of Someday.” We’ve always been really close to them, we’re friends and we still hang out. The thing with Head Charge is that they really inspired our live show as far as the controlled chaos and being insane on stage. That was really what inspired all of that.

Steve: That’s really what put them on the map too. Their standout was always their live show. That’s awesome that you guys are carrying it on. Is that pretty normal, is there a thriving metal scene in Minneapolis?

Lindy: There’s a great scene here, absolutely. Many genres, there’s rock, metal, industrial, it’s always kinda been like that. It goes in waves and some years are better than others, but it’s such a great scene, awesome support here.

Anita: Your song “Thrill to Kill”, is that on your latest album?

Lindy: Yes.

Anita: Ok and that one is about animal abuse, correct?

Lindy: Yeah, I’m an animal activist and “Thrill to Kill” was one of the last songs lyrically for that record. I wanted to write about something that I hadn’t written about before. It’s something that I’m really passionate about. I wanted to bring awareness without being too pushy but it’s also artistic. It helps people to question “what is this about?” when they see the music video. So it’s actual animal testing but on people for the music video.

Steve: We can relate in regards to a love for animals, all of ours are rescues as well.

Lindy: Oh awesome!

Anita: I also have a question about “Behind the Sun”. Did someone pass away?

Lindy: No, it was basically that I wanted to wrap up the music videos from the last album. “Behind the Sun” is probably the most vulnerable loss song that I’ve ever written. It was about letting go and the closing of a chapter, that’s what it represents. Closing an old chapter and opening a new one. Ultimately the song was inspired by personal experiences and in the video, about drug addition, doing everything you can for the person but you end up drowning in the process. Nothing seems to work and you realize that you can’t save people. So it’s basically seeing this person turning into a ghost in front of you.

Steve: That’s another one that hits close to home for us as well. It’s harrowing.

Lindy: It was a huge learning experience and it changed me as a person. I think that’s going to be reflected in the songs on the new album. The Ghost Parade was such a sad melancholy kind of record and now that I’ve come to terms with a lot of this, I’ve emerged with thicker skin. The new record will have a different outlook and a lot more aggression. There’s a huge difference in the moods between the two records.

Anita: Have you been to Wacken yet?

Lindy: No, not yet.

Anita: You belong there! You guys are awesome!

Steve: Any time we do one of these interviews we always have to ask about Europe. They just have an amazing ecosystem over there for metal and for music in general. Not to take anything away from the scene here. We have some of the best heavy music coming out of America that we ever have.

Lindy: I know. We’ve been told by many people that we would do really well in Europe and we’ve been offered tours in Europe but the thing that prevents us is that it costs a LOT of money to bring a band over there. It’s an insane amount of money to ship everything and you have to get your merchandise printed there unless you want to ship it. Then you have to rent all your gear, get a bus, a driver, so the costs just rack up. We just haven’t been able to do it financially at this point in the game.

Anita: Definitely a goal to shoot for!

(everyone laughs)

Anita: I recently returned from Romania and your song “Beauty Under Glass” made me think of the clothes of a vampire on display. Was that about being trapped in a relationship? What inspired that song?

Lindy: That one was actually a co-write we did with a gentleman named John Wheeler. He had the line “I’m not your beauty under glass” so I kind of wrote the lyrics around that one line that he wrote. He also co-wrote the music with us. I’d say the new record is more along the lines of “Beauty Under Glass” because John was really involved with helping us produce this record, every song. So that was a big part of this new record and you’re going to kind of hear that if you’ve heard “Beauty Under Glass.”

Anita: That’s all we have for you today. We definitely can’t wait for the new record!

Lindy: We’ll have to talk when it gets released and hopefully you guys can come out and see us.

Steve: For sure!

Anita: Thanks again for taking the time to do the interview!

Lindy: No problem, great talking with you!

Gabriel and the Apocalypse are:

Lindy Gabriel: Vocals
Jake LaCore: Guitar
Figgles McGee: Keys/Samples
Zach Williams: Drums
Joey Connelly: Guitar


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