“This is the first album I’ve done all the production work on, mixing, etc. I’m anxious to see how the metal scene feels about it.”

I was born and raised on Black Sabbath and Ozzy. As the years passed, heavy metal continued to evolve and explode. Along with that came changes, some were for the better but for me it seemed at times, the evolution of metal had slowed to a crawl. That is until I discovered a band named Dragonlore.

Dragonlore is a fairly new five member metal band hailing from North West Indiana, USA. This is the second band I’ve encountered from my home state proving metal is not dead and there’s much more than corn in Indiana.

The band plans to release their debut album Lucifer’s Descent  on January 17th, 2020 via Iron Shield Records. I was excited to give this new bands music a listen and found myself wanting more… change is good! I recently had the opportunity to ask frontman Joe Lawson of Dragonlore a few questions.

Mike Nease: Who came up with the band name Dragonlore?

Joe Lawson: I came up with the name actually, back in 2001.

Mike: As far as songwriting goes, are you thinking: I’m just going to write lyrics or do you write things down as they pop in your head and compile them later? Maybe a combination of the two?

Joe: Guitarist Bernard Stinski writes the music and then I usually write lyrics around what ideas he comes up with. Bernard did write some lyrics himself also. We have a great songwriting chemistry between us.

Mike:  Chemistry is definitely an important factor. Joe, your vocals are outstanding! Did you take vocal lessons or do your vocals come naturally?

Joe: Thank you, I try my best. I did take vocal lessons from Sheryl Rakk here in Chicago and also Robert Mason current Warrant vocalist.

Mike: Would you care to elaborate on the vocal lessons from Robert Mason?

Joe: It was back in 1998, I worked with him at his home in Phoenix, Arizona for about six months.

Mike: What was it like working with someone of his caliber?

Joe:  Very cool, he’s real down to earth, nice guy. I was struggling with my voice singing the aggressive material of the band that I was in at that time. Robert really helped me out a lot. He was a friend when I needed one and a light in the dark for me. To this day I keep in touch with him.

Mike:  That’s awesome Joe! Let’s talk about your debut album Lucifers Descent. What are your thoughts about the finished product?

Joe: Personally, I am very happy with how it turned out. This is the first album I’ve done all the production work on, mixing, etc.  I’m anxious to see how the metal scene feels about it.

Mike: It sounds pretty awesome to me! Which track is your favorite and why?

Joe: Probably “Saved By Love” because it has the perfect blend of passion, heart and drive all into one song. I’m really proud of how the vocals turned out on it. Also, I think a lot of people will relate to the lyrics in it.

Mike: Lucifers Descent is due to be released on January 17th 2020. Should we look forward to a tour? If so, approximately what kind of region would be ideal?

Joe: We are currently working on the songs with a live band and will play in support of it in 2020 regionally throughout the Midwest and beyond if we’re able to workout the logistics of the travel.

Mike: Kick ass! Can we expect more albums from Dragonlore in the future?

Joe: I’m pretty sure there will be more coming from Dragonlore!

Mike: I’ll be looking forward to it! Joe, thank you for your time. It has truly been pleasure!

Joe: Thank you for all the support! It’s my pleasure to do the interview.

Check out “Saved By Love” below, a new track from the forthcoming album Lucifer’s Descent by Dragonlore.

Dragonlore are:

Joe Lawson – Vocals

Bernard Stinski – Guitar / Keys

James Brucks – Guitar

Marty Buchaus – Bass

James Marlow – Drums

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