Mauro Cordeiro is bringing metal to us from Brazil with his own design and producing all his own music. He would like to find people that can bring what’s in his mind to life. I spoke with Mauro about his music and it is very interesting.

When I spoke with Mauro he filled me in on his dreams of having a full band and hopes to rock stadiums world wide. He has a goal, a dream, is hungry for success and he is not stopping any time soon.

Anita: Hi Mauro, this is Anita from The Metal Channel. I would like to ask a few questions. What were the inspirations for your songs? Was there a certain moment or event that was happening that inspired you for each song?

Mauro: Thank you so much Anita! Nice to meet you!

The inspiration for the songs on the “The Lost Arks Of Rock And Roll” album came from a synthesis of what I’ve always believed in and fought for. Rock, good music, nostalgia, make people think about things, about the world, and also enjoy great heavy music.

Lots of songs I write are 100% auto bio from things that happened to my life.

For example: “Do You Fucking Pay My Bills” came the day my neighbor called me a “vagabond punk”, laughing ironically, like it was fun to her. Then I thought: “Do you pay my bills? So don’t judge me and shut up!”

Anita: I understand. Believe me…

(Everyone laughs and agrees.)

Mauro: But yeah, lots of songs are auto biographic.

Anita: Which 3 songs got your album noticed?

Mauro: People (We’re Chosen Ones), Burning Wire, and Leatherjacks.

Anita: I liked Leatherjacks, it’s awesome. That was the song I heard first from you. It totally rocked.

Mauro: That pumping drumtoms. I confess that I took some Ted Nugent. On Leatherjacks, since I was 10 when I started playing nylon string guitar, I always watch Maiden England’s VHS that I recorded from a Brazilian TV channel. Then I always thought: wow… I want to do this for my life!

Anita: Look at you now, your doing exactly what you set your heart out to do. Keep me updated on your material because it’s awesome and I really enjoyed listening to Leatherjacks. Brazil is really rockin’ with you!

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