Type O Negative took the world by storm back in the ’90s with hits such as “Black Number 1”, “Cinnamon Girl”, “My Girlfriend’s Girlfriend” and “Everything Dies”. The Brooklyn natives had fans dying to be them and be like them. Their gothic metal sound took over the radio waves and CD collections.

In 2010 the lead singer and bassist of Type O Negative Peter Steele passed away at 48, leaving a ton of broken hearts in his wake. So where are the former members of Type O Negative now?

Sal Abruscato, a member of Type O Negative back in the Carnivore days, went on with his music career and is a member of the band A Pale Horse Named Death. They released a few albums such as Lay My Soul to Waste and Hell Will Follow Me. The song “DMSLT” from the album Lay My Soul to Waste has a video out for everyone to enjoy.

Kenny Hickey and Johnny Kelly formed a few bands together. These Type O negative veterans are still rocking the universe with the bands they formed: Silvertomb and Seventh Void. Kenny is the lead singer now and Johnny is still the drummer. Seventh Void has an album out that has a main title track from their album Heaven Is Gone with other songs such as “Closing In”, “Death of a Junkie”, and “End of All Time”. Silvertomb has a debut album with the song “Insomnia” for their first single release.

Josh Silver who was the keyboardist of Type O Negative, stopped playing professionally before Peter passed away. He missed the last tour for Type O Negative to finish his paramedic classes to become an EMT in East NY, Brooklyn.

Type O Negative

Type O Negative – goth band

Time marches on, but the spirit of Type O Negative is immortal.

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