The Warbringer machine is firing some heavy caliber weaponry with sights set on thrash destruction!

A solider is steadfast in their dedication to their country, an unwavering loyalty that stands the test of time. A metalhead demonstrates a similar devotion towards a group they cherish by supporting that band throughout their career. This unyielding allegiance makes up the fabric of what we call the metal scene.

Warbringer has been active since 2004 and although they haven’t released any new material since 2013’s IV: Empire’s Collapse, I wasn’t worried about this extended hiatus. Warbringer knows how to unleash the beast and I knew the band would be cocked and loaded.

Woe to the Vanquished is an auditory war for the ear drums! This revamped line up is undoubtedly one of the best yet. The Warbringer machine is firing some heavy caliber weaponry with sights set on thrash destruction!

Woe to the Vanquished is nearly the perfect length at just over forty minutes and the maniacal progressions are just what you’d expect.  John Kevill has really come into his own on this album. He’s added some high pitched screams to his delivery, giving the Warbringer sound a revamped distinction. Jessie Sanchez is a great addition on bass. His lines are menacing and play a prominent part in this mix. The drums of Carlos Cruz give this mobilized invasion a solid grounding, shielding the attack and allowing this onslaught to move at a rapid pace.

As great as these individual performances are, Adam Carroll and Chase Becker are the highlight of this effort. Thrash metal is guitar driven and this attack left me shell-shocked! The guitar work on this record is amazing. It’s hard not to appreciate solid riffs laced with a warmongering nature. Highlight tracks for me are: “Silhouettes”, “Remain Violent”, “Shellfire”, “Divinity of Flesh” and “When the Guns Fell Silent”.

Warbringer are well aware of style versus approach and take great care to be different on this record. Standing apart musically from peers like Havok, Hatchet and Exmortus, the individuality and musical diversity they project is reminiscent of the distinctiveness found in the Big Four acts of old.

Warbringer has become a reliable name in metal. Woe to the Vanquished a solid follow-up to IV: Empires Collapse and will undoubtedly add to the band’s legacy. Check out this amazing release! \m/

Warbringer are:

  • Carlos Cruz – Drums
  • Adam Carroll – Guitars
  • John Kevill – Vocals
  • Jessie Sanchez – Bass
  • Chase Becker – Guitars
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