Exploding onto the world and eardrums everywhere, “Piles of Human Debris” brutally assaults and punishes the listener from the first snare hit to the last fading distorted guitar chord. We wouldn’t have it any other way!

Vomit Stain’s unique blend of gore, grind and death thrash that they have coined as Brutal Thrashing Death Metal, tells the story of a cyborg serial killer in their latest upcoming release, Piles of Human Debris.  Named “Ryker” after the prison Ryker’s Island, the album tells the gruesome story of a now escaped and nigh-unstoppable killing machine who was the test subject for unspeakable experiments.  The frantic pace of the album alone gives the constant feeling of an unrelenting foe, never sleeping, never resting and always out for blood.

Vomit Stain Band

I first heard about these guys on Rock Addict Radio and am I ever glad I did.  The musicianship is exceptional from the opening track all the way through, every timing change whiplash crisp, every guttural growl echoing from the bowels of an abyss and every scream shrill powerful enough to make the great Chuck Schuldiner smile.  The guitar fireworks are just flashy enough to explode at the right times without being overbearing and the rhythm section is solid and unrelenting, with not a note out of place.

“Soulless Mechanical Aberration” in particular is a headbanging thrasher, crushingly heavy and breakneck paced from the word go.  You can really feel the relentless cyborg closing in for the kill and hear the victims screams.  The whole song is driven by a guitar and bass gallop right out of Death‘s playbook and masterfully executed.  This song also found its way onto the California death metal compilation Skumfuk Death Comp. Volume 1.

Another standout track for both its dark feel and its lyric content is “Putrification”, which goes down the rabbit hole of just how fucked up and crazy Ryker really is.  While in the band’s own words it’s “one of our tamer ones”, the song itself delves into how Ryker gets off on his victims’ pain.  His perversion only drives him to kill some more, looking for his next conquest that will become his next victim.  The imagery it conjures is larger than life in the same way that Heath Ledger’s Joker chewed scenery and was legitimately insane, minus the shred of sympathy anyone would have for him.  Truly Ryker is a villain you’d love to hate.

Overall, Vomit Stain brings the pain with their Richmond, VA take on the horror metal scene. Building a terrifying monster with the bones of thrash and death metal, eviscerating it with the guts of goregrind and smashing it into the listeners’ ears with the force of a jackhammer in a way only Vomit Stain can deliver.

Brutal Thrashing Death Metal.

We wouldn’t want it any other way! \m/


Vomit Stain Current Lineup

Vomit Stain are:
Bill Ramey – Vocals
Ryan Anderson – Guitar
Mike Abbott – Drums
Steven Miller – Bass (no longer with the band as of July 2018)

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