There’s something about classic heavy metal that just can’t be beat. Perhaps it’s the fist pumping bravado the style emanates or the memorable verses found in a timeless anthem, regardless of the attraction this is heavy metal at its root.

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There’s no denying the legacy of Grim Reaper, a once revered metal act whose rise to the top was cut short by unforeseen legal battles.  In the ‘80s Grim Reaper was on a roll, releasing two quality albums See You in Hell (1983) and Fear No Evil (1985) before legality delayed the release of their pinnacle achievement Rock You to Hell (1987).  Anyone familiar with heavy metal during the ‘80s knows this was a ‘fluid time’ with several styles achieving incalculable success simultaneously. An unusual period where speed and thrash dominated the underground while glam metal monopolized the mainstream. The classic metal bands that set the table for this evolving scene were quickly forgotten.


Festival appearances revitalized a long lost career and now a revamped version of Grim Reaper has returned! The first thing that’s evident about this release is that Steve Grimmett’s voice is still a force to be reckoned with. It would be hard to imagine this group without his trademark choruses, a repetition that has you singing along after the first chant! The musical accompaniment is classic ‘80s reborn. The guitar work is simply brilliant. The solos are literally an extension of these impressive structures, the band is as tight as Reaper in their heyday so much so it’s hard to believe this group has been on a nearly thirty year hiatus! Highlight tracks for me are: “Reach Out”, “Now You See Me”, Rock Will Never Die”, “From Hell”, “Call Me in the Morning” and “Wings of Angels”

Steve Grimmett’s Grim Reaper has struck a NWOBHM cord with this offering. One I hope they continue to exploit. Check out this remarkable release! \m/


Steve Grimmett’s Grim Reaper are:

  • Ian Nash – Guitars
  • Paul White – Drums
  • Steve Grimmett – Vocals
  • Chaz Grimaldi – Bass
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