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When I embarked on this review one question stood out in my mind. Would this EP offer a true representation of the band Skeletonwitch? Musically, nothing has changed. The sound and execution are what you’ve come to expect from Skeletonwitch. To me they are a hybrid version of King Diamond on steroids. Crushing melodies fueled by a pace so relentless it’s hard not to be swept away. The riffs are as entertaining as the solos are engaging. I’ve always considered Skeletonwitch vocals as more of a dressing to their music than an enhancement of it.  My point is Chance Garnette, as great as he was, didn’t make the band!

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Skeletonwitch will survive. Sure, there will be naysayers who will refuse to embrace this rendition. The supposedly ‘diehard’ fans who, for some reason or another, can’t support this vocal change.  I say fuck ‘em! Line-up changes are a necessary evil of this business. Skeletonwich is too good of a group to let a vocal sidestep derail a promising career.

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The Apothic Gloom EP is a four track offering that represents the next chapter. It’s the debut of Skeletonwitch as they exist now. I like what I’m hearing. The song “Black Waters” is easily the highlight track. It’s been two weeks now and I still can’t get it out of my head.

Skeletonwitch isn’t going anywhere. If this is your first exposure to the group I urge you to get on board. The Apothic Gloom will undoubtedly be the start of something great. \m/

Skeletonwitch are:

  • Scott Hedrick – Guitars
  • Nate “N8 Feet Under” Garnette – Guitars
  • Adam Clemans – Vocals
  • Evan Linger – Bass
  • Dustin Boltjes – Drums


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