“Sin Circus gives me hope for the future generations of metal. Combining catchy heavy riffs with stellar musicianship and a modern tone, they are a definite rising star.”

Hailing from Puyallup Washington, Sin Circus bring a refreshing old-school raunch not heard since the heyday of heavy metal in the ’80s.  Vocal harmonies, guitars harmonizing each other and the vocals, these guys tear it up!  Right off the bat, the title track “Chemical Youth” kicks ass from the detuned chugged intro all the way through the wailing guitar solo to the last note.  The old saying goes “put your best foot forward” but these guys decided to step up with a spin kick.

Another truly standout track is “Chariots of Pleasure”.  Not only does it immediately evoke images of a heavy metal ballad in all its glory, it is technically one of their most mature pieces.  The drums and bass go from a solid rumble to a deafening roar as the song reaches its climax.  The guitar theatrics soar every bit as high as Derek’s (Derek Unger, son of Steve Unger of Metal Church fame – his brother Devon Unger is one of the two fretboard magicians in the band as well on lead guitar) voice, showing off just how versatile the whole band can be.  Especially for a band that formed when the members were around 12 years of age, they have an incredibly mature and developed sound and tone.

I would be doing this album no justice if I didn’t also call out “Breathe” specifically.  More so than any other song on here, this one is a straight headbanger.  Galloping riffs, fist pumping chorus, thundering bass and crushing kick drums all leading to an acoustic bridge before a crunchfest that would put a smile on any thrasher’s face.

Sin Circus are poised to take over the world with their refined and super high energy metal, giving a modern spin on the almighty riff while keeping true to their roots.

Sin Circus will be releasing a brand new album by the year’s end that is going to blow people’s minds. A single accompanied by a video is expected to be released in the next 2 months to give a teaser of what’s to come from the new album. Stay tuned to Sin Circus and be prepared to have your ass kicked! \m/

Sin Circus are:
Derek Unger – Lead Vocals & Bass Guitar
Devon Unger – Lead Guitar & Lead and Backing Vocals
Alex Black – Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals
Chase Hite – Drums & Backing Vocals

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