I’m a Sci-Fi nerd and a big fan of the movie, The Last Star Fighter. As soon as I heard there was a band called Rylos I knew I had to check them out. Rylos the band is not from the planet Rylos but they do have a hard rocking attack strong enough to defeat Xur and the Kodan Armada!

Rylos is from Finland and has been active in some form since 1996. The band’s latest effort, Planet, was released last November via Secret Entertainment. The music of Rylos can best be described as hard rock meets space rock. The vocals of Mikko Heino are airy and do take some getting used to but they are far above average. Although it may take multiple listens before you can accept his delivery within the framework of the music offered.  The solo work of Sami Turunen is simply amazing, an array of emotion you just can’t get enough of. When you add the exemplary drum work of Misca Muhli this effort becomes the  space ride we’ve been waiting for. Highlight tracks for me are: “Planet R”, “Galaxy 8”, “Stories”, “Into the Gutter” and “Lost in Rylos”.

Anyone who leads you to believe they are extreme all the time is either crazy or full of shit. I jam black and death metal with the best of them but when I’m ready to chill its Hawkwind or Bad Religion. Rylos has a unique ‘Space Punk’ vibe which makes them worthy of attention.

Ride the cosmic vibe of Rylos’ Planet and let their intergalactic melodies become a choice destination for you! \m/

Rylos are :

  • Mikko Heino – Vocals
  • Matti Sorsa – Bass
  • Sami Turunen- Guitar
  • Misca Muhli – Drums
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