Like a rusty straight razor cutting a filthy swine, this music emulates an auditory bloodlust.

Whenever I think about pig’s blood, I immediately think of the horror movie Carrie (1976) and the famed prom night blood bath scene.

Now there is a death metal act worthy of both that frightening picture and outlandish name. Pig’s Blood from Milwaukee, Wisconsin is a death metal quartet worthy of that distorted moniker.

Their self-titled debut release was made available June 30th 2017 via God ov War Productions. The group’s previous effort is a 2015 demo but you’d never know it listening to the way Pig’s Blood executes.

Welcome to the slaughterhouse! The music of Pig’s Blood is overly aggressive and utterly primal in it’s base attack. Offering deathly annunciations that are sure to boil your blood. This style of death metal may not be trendy but the voraciousness is delivered with a hard line volatility that is simply too hard to ignore. Highlight tracks for me are: “Misanthrope Absolute”, “Taste the Fucking Poison”, “Rats (This World is a Sewer)”, “Death March Insanity” and “Deniers of the Root”.

Pig’s Blood is offensively reprehensible and you can’t deny it. If you like your death metal straight from the gutter this band is for you. Like a rusty straight razor cutting a filthy swine, this music emulates an auditory bloodlust. Check out Pig’s Blood and let them drop some sanguine fluid on you! \m/


  • Brian Serzynski – Drums
  • Nick Lewis – Guitars
  • Bubba Nitz – Guitars
  • Chris Ellis – Bass, Vocals


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