I love pirate metal. Ever since I discovered Alestorm during my Pagan Fest romp, I’ve been searching these bands out with an undeniable voracity. Eating up the use of acoustical instruments, like the accordion, mandolin and tin whistle. In an age were death and mayhem are the norm, I find the light-hearted comedic tales of drunken camaraderie refreshing. If one thing was lost from the ‘80s, it was the non-seriousness of music, there’s nothing wrong with just having fun!

There are those out there who refuse to embrace this wave of folk/pirate music, I’d argue you’re missing the boat! Metal is encompassing more styles than ever before, this isn’t about genre this is about embracing what’s good.

The Dread Crew of Oddwood are easily one of the best pirate/folk bands out there. Their latest effort, Lawful Evil is a seven seas thrill ride. It’s hard to believe this is the group’s fourth release and they are still unsigned! Their self-released back catalogue includes: Reign the Helm (2009), Rocktopus (2010), Heavy Mahogany (2012), & Lawful Evil (2016).

Speed is a weapon The Dread Crew wields with undisputed authority. The tempos give the music a toe tapping intensity that is hard to shake. It also appears a certain amount of thought was put into the sequencing of this album. There’s a flow to this release that commands repeat listens.

Aside from their amazing sound, the lyrical content is what truly makes this band special. The stories are told with the wry sense of humor you’d expect from a pirate. It’s a clever form of manipulation that keeps the listener entertained in multiple ways. Highlight tracks for me are: “Join the Ranks”, “Side Quest”, “Heavy Mahogany”, “Sulfur”, “Raise Your Paints”, “Sand Lobster”, “Whalin’ Rumbo” and “Trollwack”.

The seas are open for the Dread Crew. Lawful Evil is more than a splash, it’s a hurricane worthy of a full market release. I urge you land lovers to join the ranks now and enjoy these oceanic tales of pint raising piracy! \m/

The Dread Crew of Oddwood logo

The Dread Crew of Oddwood are:

  • Wolfbeard O’Brady – accordion, whistles, vocals
  • Riven Rahl – toy piano, vocals
  • Smithy Crow – bass, orchestral strings, vocals
  • Stark Cordwain – Irish bouzouki, whistles, vocals
  • Deckard Cordwain – mandolin, ukulele, vocals
  • Legendary Pirate King Eric “The” Brown – drums
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