Emotion is a big part of what makes death metal great and Jungle Rot has it in spades.

Are you paying attention? Jungle Rot sure is. Being consistent is about knowing your strengths and weaknesses. J-Rot has been raising the bar for years and it’s time you respected it. Believe it or not this is J-Rot’s 10th studio album, from Skin The Living to this new self-titled effort. Jungle Rot has been bringing the gore and I think this is one of their best yet.

There is no stagnancy here, this grove laden atrocity is definitely in the vein of previous releases.  Following a frenzied pace that cannot be denied, the album has a sequence that grabs you by the throat and refuses to let go.

Dave Matrise sounds meaner than ever on this effort, his vocals mix aggression and clarity to the fullest. The solo work of Geoff Bub is perfectly fitting, I liked the ‘psychedelically melodic vibe’ he adopted on Order Shall Prevail and was glad to hear it continued. A perfect complement to the music, the attack lets him show his strength without sacrificing speed for dexterity. Jesse Beahler does an exemplary job filling in on drums, his tempos allow J-rot to reach their ‘full potential’ musically. The solid bass lines of James Genenz keep this frenzied onslaught on track. Lyrically, the band is hitting on all cylinders. A memorable meshing of murderous emotions, the message cannot be denied. Highlight tracks for me are: “A Burning Cinder”, “Triggered”, “Stay Dead”, “Fearmonger”, “Send Forth Oblivion”, “Glory for the Fallen” and “Pumped Full of Lead”.

Dare I say Jungle Rot is one of America’s premier death metal acts? Emotion is a big part of what makes death metal great and Jungle Rot has it in spades. Check out the new self-titled release and rot on! \m/

Jungle Rot are:

Dave Matrise – Guitars & Vocals
Geoff Bub – Guitars
James Genenz – Bass

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