This is a satisfying EP featuring two groups that appear to be on the cusp of metal greatness.

Growing up with ‘80s thrash, I identified with the group Municipal Waste right away. Upon researching the band, I learned a couple of members: Tony Foresta (Vocals) and Land Phil (Bass) were involved in another crossover thrash act called, Iron Reagan.

Iron Reagan has been around since 2012 and they are worthy of your attention. I don’t know about you but I can listen to Tony Foresta scream all day. He’s a unique vocalist who can spew out that Jeff Spicoli (Fast Times At Ridgemont High) surfer style of obnoxious sarcasm and still come off sounding intelligent. It’s hard to believe this group hails from Richmond, Virginia and not somewhere on the West Coast.

The shortness of the songs means juicy riffs that pack a punch. Moshing your fucking brains out is a prerequisite for this style of music and Landphil Hall will have you thrashing in style. The unified choruses really enhance the overall attack and give the songs a complete feel. Highlight tracks for me are: “Paper Shredder”, “Take The Fall” and “Burn For This”.

I’ll admit that I wanted this split EP to hear Iron Reagan. I had no familiarity with Gatecreeper aside from their name but they are definitely on my metal radar now. Gatecreeper hails from Arizona and they’ve been active since 2013. The band’s throwback style of death metal is highly reminiscent of extreme metal pioneers, Death. They offer a laid back style of brutality that draws its power from the maniacal undertones it supports.

The vocals are beastly, without a doubt one of the most insidious offerings I’ve heard in years. These rasps alone are worth the price of admission. Highlight tracks for me are: “Dead Inside” and “The War Has Begun”.

This is a satisfying EP featuring two groups that appear to be on the cusp of metal greatness. The effort was released March 2nd via Relapse Records and I urge you to check it out! \m/

Iron Reagan are:

Tony Foresta – Vocals
Mark Bronzino – Guitars
Landphil Hall – Guitars
Rob Skotis – Bass
Ryan Parrish – Drums

Gatecreeper are:

Chase H. Mason – Vocals
Nate Garrett – Guitars
Eric Wagner – Guitars
Sean Mears – Bass
Matt Arrebollo – Drums

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