It’s a brutally honest interpretation of the Midwest extreme.

Hate Unbound is a band from Detroit, Michigan and we need more bands like them. Founded in 2013, these guys are a hybrid group melding thrash and death metal with a sprinkling of hardcore elements. Together they formulate an attack which should appeal to a wide range of followers.

Plague features some really noxious vocals, reminiscent of Lamb of God with a tinge of Jungle Rot thrown in. This attack is accompanied by throttling guitars and rousing solos set to a relentless pace, featuring enough tempo changes to entertain any metal devotee. These guys have the ability to pull off some complicated stuff and they do it with ease. Highlight tracks for me are: “Baptized In Lies”, “Burn Your Idols”, “Grey Skies” and “The Fallen”.

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If there’s a drawback to Hate Unbound it’s their overly zealous vocal attack. While it’s clear vocalist Art Giammarra can belt out the vulgarities with the best of them, he might be better served easing back on his delivery and using this strength sparingly. Listening to the album completely left me desensitized to his voice when I was initially in awe of it.

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Nevertheless, Hate Unbound’s Plague is a satisfying debut release. It’s a brutally honest interpretation of the Midwest extreme.  Establishment often comes with distinction and this quintet from Detroit is well on their way. Get infected by the Plague of Hate Unbound !! \m/

Hate Unbound are:

  • Daryl Mitchell – Guitars
  • Franklin ‘Foot’ Hannah – Drums
  • Art Giammarra – Vocals
  • William Cundiff – Guitars
  • Sean Demura – Bass


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