They play an addictive style of classic heavy metal in the vein of the early ‘80s masters.

Gatekeeper is a Canadian heavy metal group, active since 2009. I decided to check this band out because I liked the fact that they included covers by the famed heavy metal acts Omen (“Death Rider”) and Savatage (“Hall of the Mountain King”) in their full length debut release, East of Sun.

Musically, Gatekeeper is solid. They play an addictive style of classic heavy metal in the vein of the early ‘80s masters.  The music is epically melodious with solos that heighten an archaic vibe within the work. East of Sun explores an ancient past of fire, ice and brimstone.  Unexpected turns keep the journey fresh and revitalizing for the listener. Highlight tracks for me are: “Warrior Without Fear”, “Bell of Tarantia”, “Swan Road Saga”, ”East of Sun” and of course the two blazing covers included as bonus tracks.

If there is a knock to this band it can be found in the lyrics.  In a style where the words are largely identifiable, less is more.  A desirable melody can sometimes be overshadowed by unnecessary vocals. Its clear Jean-Pierre Abboud has a memorable voice but the impact of his outstanding delivery sounds redundant when utilized too often. Regardless, this is a satisfying full length debut by a band worthy of keeping an eye on. East of Sun hits the streets April 27th via Cruz Del Sur Music.

If you like vintage metal, check out Gatekeeper and let their classic vibe be a guiding light for you! \m/

Gatekeeper are:

Jean-Pierre Abboud – Vocals
Geoff Blackwell – Guitars
Dave Messier – Bass
Kenny Kroecher – Guitars
Tommy Tro – Drums

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