This is an atmospheric offering more stifling than the genre allows.

False Gods is a doom/sludge metal outfit from New York. The group has only been an active moniker since 2015 but have already made waves with their debut EP Wastelands released just last year. A new EP entitled, Reports From Oblivion, will be self-released next month.

I must admit this group really caught me off guard. I expected something generic and got so much more. The song titles are intriguing, like spells from an ancient world.  They all seem to hold a twist of ironic humor that oozes a strong sense of sophistication.

The music is plodding and heavy, a primal offering of slow cooked extremity. The vocals are slightly reminiscent of Lemmy returned from the grave! A twist of doom woven within a multilayered attack. The songs take on more complexity with additional listens and False Gods aren’t afraid to up the intensity.  This is an atmospheric offering more stifling than the genre typically allows. The closest correlation I can make to their sound is Eyehategod fused with the industrial entanglement of Godflesh but with a much bigger bite!

False Gods are well on their way with Reports From Oblivion. I like challenging music that offers a lot of replay ability and this effort definitely fits that bill. Check out False Gods and broadcast your own unconsciousness. \m/

False Gods are:

  • Greg March – Guitar
  • Paul Stack – Drums
  •  Mike Stack –Vocals
  • Brian “Bro Town” Krasinkey – Bass
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