The classic influences and the ease in which they are executed have put Exmortus into a class all their own.

What are you craving? Exmortus of course. I’ve been a fan of the group for a couple of years and I consider this a pinnacle release, here’s why:  This is more than just the fifth release in the band’s catalogue. This is the reaffirmation of Exmortus as a solid player in the metal scene for years to come. I’ve been interacting with this group for a few years and I’ve come to appreciate the members individually as artists and as friends. I was surprised to hear about the lineup changes, I understand what Mario Moreno and David Rivera brought to Exmortus. I also know what Carlos Cruz and Chase Becker (Warbringer) are capable of. This effort would either be a match made in heaven or a beautiful train wreck. I am pleased to say this release was all I could have hoped for and more…

The Sound Of Steel has the polish of a new blade and the sharpness to match it. To be honest, I’ve been wanting this progression out of Exmortus for some time. Previous efforts had the feel of listening to an old Yngwie Malmsteen album. You appreciated the neo-classical death metal style but you were really listening for the mind-blowing solos. The Sound Of Steel corrects this oversight. Rich melodies are at the forefront of the attack with guitar work woven in so prominently, especially the solos, it’s almost like listening to an additional voice.

Carlos Cruz keeps the horde on target with rapid-fire tempos and Chase Becker brings his airy, Adrian Smith style, of guitar work to the fold. I swear the guy plucks his notes out of thin air! On a side note, I wanted to mention the solid bass lines of Phillip Nuñez, his performance grounds the music and gives the onslaught a more complete sound. Jadran ‘Conan’ Gonzalez is the undisputed highlight of this album. His maturity level ever growing, the vocals and lyrics seems to improve with each release. The classic influences and the ease in which they are executed have put Exmortus into a class all their own. This is a band that can literally play with anybody. Fans of thrash, death, heavy metal and even guitar aficionados will find something to appreciate. Highlight tracks for me are: “Make Haste”, “Feast Of Flesh”, “Turn The Tide”, “Victory Or Death!” and “Riders Of Doom”.

Exmortus has solidified its place in ‘the metal scene’ and I know this is only the beginning. Check out this latest effort and experience the sound of steel! \m/

Exmortus are:

Jadran ‘Conan’ Gonzalez – Guitars, Vocals
Chase Becker – Guitars
 Phillip Nuñez – Bass
Adrian Aguilar – Drums

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