Desolate Pathway from the United Kingdom is a band worthy of your attention. Of Gods and Heroes is the group’s second studio effort and continues where their debut Valley of the King (2014) left off. The music is heavy, emphasizing atmospheric melodies, intent on revitalizing ages of old.

I’ve always thought listening to doom metal is like painting a picture. The ethereal chimes provide the backdrop for the celestial movements, relying on lyrical expressions to complete the portrait. Desolate Pathway are well versed in this logic, enhancing their music by allowing the individual instruments to stand within the framework of the song structures. The overall theme of the album follows Greek history and mythology, taking us into Medusa’s Lair, through the Trojan War and into the realm of Poseidon.




This personalization makes the songs uncharacteristically unique, giving them a multi-layered quality in which the soaring vocals stand atop of. The end result is a memorable offering which gets better with repeat listens. Highlight tracks for me are: “Gods of the Deep”, “Into the Realms of Poseidon”, “Medusa’s Lair” and “Trojan War”.



Desolate Pathway have held fast to their namesake with this effort. Their music is an instrumentally inclined journey into the past, a lonesome exploration into the Golden Age of Greece. More than once I found myself caught up in their barren cosmos unsure if I’d ever return. This is classic doom metal with an undeniable reverence. It’s time to start your own journey down a pathway of stifling desolation, check out this epic release! \m/




Desolate Pathway are:

  • Vince Hempstead – Guitars, Vocals
  • Mags – Drums, Vocals (Backing)
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