From fast tempos to slow ballads there is a devious undertone in this work that seemingly connects it all.

The progression of death metal has been a real blessing to the genre. Evolution allows for a creativity that reaches far beyond a speedy riff or a down tuned cord. This is the redefinition of boundaries and a re-visitation of ideals.

Damnation Plan is a melodic death metal act from Finland. Established in 2004, the group incorporates a lot of progressive elements in their attack. The music on Reality Illusion may be death metal based but it’s so much more. There is a strong classic metal vibe in this work. Heavy on feeling, passionate but at the same time angry and spontaneous. The artists seem to relish in this diversity. From fast tempos to slow ballads there is a devious undertone in this work that seemingly connects it all. Highlight tracks for me are: “Beyond These Walls”, “Rise of The Messenger”, Blinded Faith” and “Iron Curtain Falls”. The Dio cover “Don’t Talk to Strangers” is a memorable and interesting rendition.

Progression can be tricky and I get the feeling that Damnation Plan has found their sound on this album. A melodically progressive death metal act with heavy metal influences is truly unique to this genre. Reality Illusion has carved a new niche, it’s now up to Damnation Plan to turn that gap into a cornerstone. \m/

Damnation Plan are:

  • Jarkko Lunnas – Drums
  • Antti Lauri – Guitars
  • Julla Venkamaa – Bass
  • Kalle Niininen – Guitars
  • Asim Searah– Vocals (Clean)
  • Tommy Tuovinen – Vocals (Harsh)
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