Hailing out of Minneapolis, MN, Caster Volor bring the noise with their debut album A Prelude To The Freakshow, a fist-pumping ’80s arena metal classic in the modern era.

Exploding out of the gate with growls as well as gravel right out of Lemmy’s driveway and a howl that would be right at home on Screaming for Vengeance, “Black Leather Middle Finger” doesn’t disappoint to fire the big guns right from the word go. Between whiplash crisp timing changes, explosive vocal howls and a guitar tone that would make Mick Mars smile, Caster Volor reminds the world that the glory days of ’80s metal will never die.

“Black Leather Middle Finger” is an irreverent send-off to the detractors of rock and metal that lives up to its song name both musically and lyrically. It is deliberately over the top in the vein of W.A.S.P. or Mötley Crüe and just rude enough to definitely NOT fall into the Glam Metal category. Think Guns N’ Roses or Motorhead – ESPECIALLY they seem to sound like Motorhead and Judas Priest had a bastard son with “Out Ta Get Me” playing in the background. It kind of tows the line between genres while having a sound entirely their own.

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“My Rock ‘N’ Roll Dream” is a similar epic that would be equally at home next to “Estranged” or “Electric Eye” between the soaring vocals and the Swiss-watch precise riffs. Caster Volor have taken the most distinctive elements from LA circa 1985 and force fed them a steady diet of Mötley Crüe pounding guitar.

Don’t let the over the top antics and lyrics detract from the music in the slightest either. These guys are consummate professionals and deliver the goods in a crunch-laden riff-fest that’ll get the whole stadium headbanging with this metal anthem. You’re guaranteed to see a crowd full of middle fingers as Caster Volor blast their message to the masses, best summed up near the end of “Black Leather Middle Finger” with “One-two-fuck-you!”

To anyone thinking they’ll tame metal, rock, or Caster Volor, a black leather middle finger is what you’ll get, always itchin’ for somebody new. We’ve got it right here, just for you! ,,|,,

Caster Volor Band

Don’t forget to check out their new single, My Rock ‘N’ Roll Dream, as well! \m/

Caster Volor Are:
Caster Volor – Lead Vocals, Lyrics, Stage Production
Steven Volor – Guitar, Vocals, Mixing, Producer, Booking
Nick “The Rage” Chilson – Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals
Jorge “Snake” Navarrete – Drums, Backing Vocals

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